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Will Build for Bitcoin

In a story we love at Powered Now, Scottish company Orocco now accepts all major cryptocurrencies for completed projects. 

product update

Whats New in Powered Now: Sumup Online

As part of our new v8.5.0 release we have a number of new and highly requested features including a new integration, SumUp online.

Carbon Saving

Off-Grid BioLPG Can Yield 81% Carbon Saving

Off-Grid BioLPG Can Yield 81% Carbon Saving: BioLPG as the primary fuel source, they can attain a potential savings of 81% on carbon emissions.


Biofuels: Future for Home heating?

Biofuels: Future for Home heating - there has been much advancement over the years and Biofuels have managed to gain quite a foothold.


Qualities That Make a Great Electrician

Being an Electrician can be challenging but a rewarding career if you have proper skills. Trained electricians are in high demand, and they get paid...


How to Manage your Mobile Workforce

How to Manage your Mobile Workforce: To find different ways can be challenging, especially when your firm relies on a mobile workforce.


Meet the Supplier: SumUp

As part of an ongoing series of blogs, we interview suppliers from the UK Trade and Construction Industry. Today its SumUp a Powered Now partner!

Field management software

How to Keep Your Engineers On Time

How to Keep Your Engineers On Time: Effective scheduling, meeting consumer demands, promote productivity and efficiency of technicians, and many...

green home

Top 5 Net-Zero Construction Techniques

To reduce their carbon footprints, contractors are using sustainable and net-zero construction techniques to transform the way buildings use energy.


Meet the Supplier: Book A Builder UK

As part of an ongoing series of blogs, we interview suppliers from the UK Trade and Construction Industry. Today its Book a Builder UK!


Mental Health: Support for the trade industry

The social stigma around discussing mental health is quickly fading. Unfortunately, the construction and trade industry still has some catching up to...


Women in Trade: The UK Needs More!

A lot of innovations that we use today owe credit to women engineers. The engineering profession is attracting more women day by day.


UK Boiler Companies Back New Hydrogen Pledge

UK Boiler Companies Back Hydrogen Pledge - To boost the shift from fossil fuels to hydrogen, the Heating and Hot water Industry have supported the UK...

Managing your business

Cowboy Customers, featured on ITV

Powered Now, the Field Service Management Software was featured on ITV News talking about our recent Cowboy Customers survey.


How to hire an apprentice

Powered Now the Gas Engineer Software looks at the process of hiring an apprentice.

black friday

Black Friday Bundle for £25

This black Friday we have a huge sales offer for the whole month of November.

Worth over £250 it includes:

  • A SumUp card reader, allow

black friday

Powered Now & ITS Prize Giveaway!

Powered Now, UK Field Service Management Software always like to do something interesting for Black Friday.

product update

New features: v8.4.5

Whats new in version v8.5.4?

We’ve got some new reports and a new project feature that means you can now number your projects instead of naming them.

product update

August 2020 Product Update

It's encouraging to hear that the construction and trade industry is busy bouncing back from COVID-19, in fact this month has seen the fastest rise...


4 ways to win more leads

Ever lost a job, project or contract after expending lots of effort in pricing? Our tips can help you get more leads.

Top Tips to reduce Van Theft

Recent years have seen a major rise in theft from vans owned by installers and other trades people. For those that have been hit, the result is major...


Black FRI-YAY '19

What its Black Friday! Or black Fri-YAY depending on your point of view. We've decided to do something a little

How to get paid faster

There are a surprising number of ways that can help you to receive payment more promptly. The following article outlines some of the ideas to try.

Using technology to get your evenings back

This article examines the way that plumbers and electricians can get their evenings back with the help of technology, even if technology turns them...

Welcome to the independent state

Every competent tradesperson has the choice of trying to go it alone. Many do and even more think about it. The following article talks about some of...

Dodging the employment law minefield

Employment law can be a pain. There is a lot of detail and traps for the unwary. This article provides some thoughts on how to make it work for...

MTD Now the Dust has settled

The start of mandatory reporting involving MTD for VAT came in on 1st April. Benjamin Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, looks at the current state of thi

The basics of VAT in the trade industry

There are a host of challenges that electrical contractors face in running their companies. Benjamin Dyer of Powered Now looks at one of them –...

So what do customers want?

Seeing things your customer’s way is one of the keys to succeed in business. The following article suggests 6 key ways that can help you set yourself...

Getting Pricing Right 5 top tips

Competing on price is one of the easiest ways to make you poorer. That statement may seem strange so this articles will explain how 5 tips on smart...

Make more money from your business

You may be satisfied with your business. On the other hand, you may want to make a lot more of it. This article looks at some ways that you can...

Keeping the bank account topped up

Of all the bad things that can happen in a business, the most obvious is running out of cash. Benjamin Dyer of Powered Now looks at how to keep this...

Simplifying your business 5 ways with apps

Smartphones are the fastest adopted technology in the world’s history and already billions of people around the world use them. This hasn’t just...

Technology even in the twilight years

This article warns that electricians and plumbers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make their lives easier using technology, even if they don’t like...

3 top tips in understanding GDPR

GDPR seems to be on everyone’s lips and a recent business survey revealed that it’s overtaken Brexit as the top concern of businesses. This article...

Turbo charging your business with tech

Powered Now believes that trade businesses including installers, locksmiths, glaziers and other trades all have a lot to gain from using computer...

Will your job be terminated by robots?

There is a lot of noise in the press at the moment about the rise of robots and what this will mean for jobs. The following article looks at the...

How to be a winner using tech

To start up an installation business, you need to be great at the job as well as having a good business head. But if you are to grow your business,...

The tricky ones, when customers turn bad

Problem customers can go a long way to spoiling your enjoyment of work. This article looks at some simple tips for solving them and for heading off...

product update

Now supporting Making Tax Digital (MTD)!

Good news, Powered Now UK Field Service Management Software is fully MTD compliant, meaning that you can submit your quarterly VAT return via our...

Low cost ways to grow your business

Installers with ambition tend to be constantly seeking new ideas on how to grow their businesses. The following article looks at some of the lowest...

product update

Whats new in Powered Now - January 2019

Happy New Year from Powered Now!

It’s been a long time since we updated you on the changes we've made to Powered Now, so we've

Managing your business

Tricky customers, whats the secret?

In all businesses problem customers are a fact of life. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make things easier. Many issues can be...

Managing your business

4 Mistakes made by 90% of trade businesses

In the trade business, mistakes can cost a lot of money. While you probably do a great job it’s all too easy to miss things related to administration...

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

MTD Software / Making Tax Digital Software

There is now a lot of MTD Software available at various price points. It ranges from accounting software which will do your accounts as well as...

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

What will be the problems with MTD?

The biggest problem with the MTD for VAT implementation is the short time in which this is expected to happen. There is a big chance that companies...


Are there any benefits from using MTD?

Although it’s easy to be cynical, there are likely to be benefits to businesses using the MTD platform, alongside of the pain of implementing a new...

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

When does MTD start?

MTD for VAT starts for the first VAT return that any business does for the first period starting on or after 1st April 2018.


How MTD works and how to comply with it

To comply with MTD a business or its agent (typically their accountant) must keep their records electronically. In other words, when a tax return of...

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

How to calculate MTD?

MTD for VAT returns are calculated exactly the same way as the current 9 Box return.

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Who does MTD apply to?

MTD will eventually apply to all individuals that do tax returns as well as companies with sales of more than £10,000 per annum.

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Why is MTD being introduced?

Different explanations have been given in different forums, however, the most likely driver for MTD is to recover more tax – the so called “Tax gap”....

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

What is MTD for VAT?

MTD for VAT is the specific phase of MTD covering VAT returns made by businesses to HMRC. These VAT returns will need to be made through the new MTD...

Managing your business

Can mobile spark your business into a fire?

The mobile revolution has now made available much more technology to trade businesses who are naturally on the move. This article looks at what the...

How to Guide

How to create a professional looking invoice

One of the things we are asked a lot at Powered Now is how can you create a professional looking invoice. asp what do I need to include on it?

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