New Powered Now Release - Forms and Certificates


Did you know that Powered Now has over 50 forms and certificates? 

Our forms and certificates are also incredibly powerful and include Gas Safety, Electrical, Construction and many more!



Our reminders have many improvements.

Now you have the ability to enable a reminder for every single certificate (you can enable and disable it).

If you have large customers that you deal with quite commonly you can then disable it if they have got their own automated reminders set up for it.

30 days prior to the expiration of the certificate will no longer be a thing, you can actually get it set up for yourself, so if you want to remind your customer a little before just to make sure you win the work back for the following year, now you can do it. You can send it via email, text and notifications.

Customise the subject and contents of the email

You can now tailor the subject and contents of the emails you send via reminders to make sure your customers receive the information you want to be sent.

Text message reminders

This is a big thing! You can send text message confirmations to your customers in only a few clicks (or taps). 

Watch this video to find out more

New Smart Scheduling Feature's Benefits

  • All forms and certificates now have reminders
  • Enable and disable reminders
  • Choose the method you want to use for the reminders (email and/or SMS)
  • Set a reminder for you before the customer
  • Free SMS reminder service, Powered Now doesn't charge for SMS
  • Win more service work thanks to the reminders
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