New Powered Now Release - Introducing our new HR System feature

Effective management of the workforce of your company is crucial for success.

We are excited to introduce our new feature. The New Powered Now introduces a built-in HR system which supports trade businesses in all the major activities needed to manage their workforce in a few simple steps. 

Store important documents safely in the cloud

First of all, there is record keeping. Of course, you can record names and addresses and contact details for all of your staff, but there’s much more. You can upload documents proving their right to work such as passports and also add records of qualifications, driving licences etc. The information that you gathered when you recruited them can be stored safely along with any notes relating to appraisals or disciplinary matters. All of this can become paperless so things are much easier to find when they’re needed.

You can also record the cost of individual employees and their charge-out rates.

Employees' leave and absence tracking

There is now a built-in ability to track holidays, sicknesses and other absences.

When these are recorded they will appear in the diary, preventing scheduling conflicts. In addition, there are reports which enable a view of any particular employee or all employees.

You can see all of these absences in the current year, the last year and the next year. Individual employees are able to look at their own records.

New HR feature benefits

With Powered Now's new HR feature, you can achieve at least 80%+ of the benefits of a stand-alone HR system while gaining additional benefits from using an all-in-one field service management software. 

If you run a trade business Powered Now's new HR feature can help you to:

  • Save time finding paperwork, now you can access HR documents anywhere
  • Save money that a separate HR system would cost
  • Be on top of your employee-related paperwork
  • Stay on top of attendance thanks to the new leave and absence tracking (which will also help you have better staff scheduling due to holidays and sickness being recorded in a single diary)
  • Stay up-to-date and organised
  • Become paperless, reduce the file cabinet in the office

Watch this video to find out more about Powered Now HR system

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