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Powered Now lets you generate professional invoices in seconds, creating a seamless experience for you and your customers. Simplify your invoicing process by auto-filling customer information, prices and expenses to send invoices and get paid faster.  

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Powered Now: All Jobs -  All Staff - All The Time

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Professional Invoicing AppFor Tradesmen

Create Invoices In Minutes

Powered Now makes the process of creating professional and great-looking invoices straightforward.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Powered Now empowers trade companies to streamline their invoicing process and present a polished image to your customers.

One of the standout features of Powered Now is its customisable invoice templates. There are 27 templates for you to choose from, which you can effortlessly personalise by adding logos and business information tailored to your company. This level of customisation not only lends a professional touch to the invoices but also helps establish credibility, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 

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Works for VAT, Non-VAT businesses including CIS and DRC

With Powered Now you can easily itemise services, specify materials used, and outline associated costs with just a few clicks. Powered Now supports VAT and non-VAT businesses, the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), and Domestic Reverse Charge (DRC).

If you are VAT registered, you can also connect our job invoicing software to your HMRC account and simply submit your VAT return, so there is no need for expensive accountants or bookkeepers. 

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Automate All the hard work

If typing invoices isn't your thing, you can automate much of the hard work with the inbuilt catalogue.

The catalogue allows you to add your everyday items into Powered Now (or ask the support team to do it for you), meaning you need to tap a few buttons to create great-looking invoices. 

If you have a Quote or Estimate in Powered Now you can simply tap one button to convert it into an Invoice, what could be easier?

Powered Now also simplifies invoice tracking and management, you get an alert when an invoice has been opened, you can monitor payment statuses, set reminders for overdue payments, and generate reports to gain insights into their financial performance.

This level of organisation contributes to better financial control, allowing you to make informed decisions about growing your businesses.

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Working Offline? No problem!

Powered Now’s invoicing app for tradesmen is a game changer for all trades companies on the go.

The platform enables you to generate invoices from anywhere, be it on-site, at home or in the van, enhancing efficiency and reducing delays in the billing process. It even works offline, meaning you don’t need signal to use Powered Now.

The mobility ensures you can promptly send invoices to clients, improving cash flow and overall business operations. 

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Get Paid quickly and from anywhere

With Powered Now's seamless integration with SumUp, you can effortlessly allow your customers to pay you using their Credit or Debit cards.

Sumup and Powered Now gives you the ability to accept payments both online and in person through a card reader.

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