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Everyone has reviews on their website, but how do you know if they are genuine?

At Powered Now we believe in honest feedback, that’s why we use Capterra, GetApp and TrustPilot. Every customer of ours gets the opportunity to let us know what they think, it makes us a better company and our software world class.

Here is a small selection of the latest reviews, you can read more on Capterra.

The ease of use and no BS interface. We've struggled for a while to get something with all the functionality Powered Now has and we have been pleasantly surprised with its mobility.

Great communications with a super slick app. This makes any business look 100% more professional and allows you to quickly move through the day without the need for spending waisted time on paperwork. I recommend this to all looking at other brands. It has worked very well for me and my business.

The support you get from the team they are very helpful and always ready to help you with any problem and down to earth and very approachable people

From finding powered now in a comparison top ten article, to watching the online product demo to the 1st engagement, the process was refreshingly straightforward and it felt like this was a product coming from a company that believed in itself, felt dynamic and whose focus was on its customers. So to summarise- a great overall experience

Powered now has transformed my business from diary to call also gps as well as professional quotes and invoices that can be made in an instant.

I really struggle with my paperwork invoicing doing quotes and all of this sort of thing my strength is being on the tools and doing what I'm good at so this just makes my life so much easier and everything is in one place and I can do more jobs because of this I cannot follow this software powered now of helped me massively and I thank them so much