Our Story and Values

How it started, how its going...

Our story

Powered Now has now been around for a few years and our aim has always been to build the best apps to help small and medium sized trade businesses communicate, be organised and succeed. We help busy companies communicate with their customers, staff and subcontractors, doing this more easily and with less effort. Using Powered Now they can manage paperwork, jobs and staff with all of the paperwork kept in one place.

Powered Now was founded by three friends who have been managing and working in professional software development all of their lives. As you know in the trade, if you want it done right, get a professional.

Our experience includes previous successful start-ups, including bringing one to the public market, and board level positions at FTSE-100 and FTSE-250 companies. Our largest shareholder is one of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs who is also a multi-billionaire.

Our Values

Powered Now lives by a set of values, this dictates how we work with each other, how we deal with you our customers and the way we want the company to grow and develop. These values are not simply words on a webpage, we deeply care about this.

Challenge us if you believe we don’t live up to these values.

  • Honest and Trustworthy

  • Commercially Driven

  • Innovative

  • Supportive

  • Playful