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Invite your friends to sign up to Powered Now and we'll reward you both! Simply provide your friends details in the form and we'll get them set up.

As you have experienced first-hand how Powered Now works for your business, we’re asking you to spread the word for us.

Refer a fellow business to Powered Now and choose either a £25 gift card or a £25 charity donation.

What’s more, the business you refer will also get £25 in Powered Now credit, so everyone wins.

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What happens next?

After you have referred a friend, we will be in touch to let you know when they have signed up, and once they’ve made their qualifying purchase we’ll ask you what reward you’d like a £25 Amazon voucher or a £25 charity donation to the registered charity of your choice.

Once the business you refer signs up to a subscription tier, they will receive their complementary credit as soon as we speak to them. Our customer support team are available to help them get started from the moment they join.