Easily Plan and Manage your Projects

Manage your projects by storing all your job and customer information in one simple and secure place. Next time you want to reuse any of this you can do it quickly and easily, saving your typing!

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Powered Now: All Jobs -  All Staff - All The Time

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Say goodbye to pen and paper with Powered Now Projects.

This project feature in Powered Now allows you to digitise your project management process, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and document handling. With a few clicks (or taps on mobile), you can create, organise, and update projects seamlessly, a paperless workflow.

From detailed task lists to project timelines, all information is stored digitally and available from anywhere. Embrace efficiency as you ditch the traditional tools and embrace the simplicity and convenience of Powered Now Projects, transforming the way you manage and execute your jobs.

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Manage your projects from anywhere

Keeping your projects on mobile is a game-changer for today's fast-paced business. It means having your projects in your pocket, ready to roll wherever you are. With real-time updates and quick decision-making with your team.

It's like breaking free from the desk and taking your jobs and projects on a friendly adventure! Whether you're on-site or on the move, Powered Now's project keeps you connected, informed, and in control, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

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Keeping the office and team members up to date

Managing projects from the office while your team is mobile can be hard, especially in the trade when there could be poor signal on the job. Thankfully with Powered Now you can ensures your office and workforce stay up to date.

With real-time updates and seamless communication, you stay connected to on-the-go team members. The centralised control from the office allows for easy scheduling, task coordination, and quick decision-making. Mobile team members can effortlessly receive instructions, update project statuses, and access critical information on the move. 

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