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Coming up with a business idea and starting a business can seem overwhelming and complicated, especially for people that work in the trade.

There are so many things you have to consider including registering a company, all the way to business planning, paperwork and much more.

This is where Powered Now can help, we are experts at helping trade companies get started.

You'll find a bunch of useful resources on this website and we are adding to it all the time. 

business guides

Starting a new business

electrican or plumber

Who earns more - plumbers or electricians?

There are a number of reasons for wanting to know which are the top trades and which earn the most. It might be that you are considering a career in a trade and want to know which pays the best.

Or it might be that you are a plumber and want to have bragging rights over sparkies.

Either way, hopefully this article will shed light on the subject. But it’s not straight-forward! So please read on.



How to manage paperwork & accounts

Managing customers 

Managing staff 

Additional Guides

  • UK Government Help to Grow Scheme
    In the 2021 spring budget the Chancellor announced the new Help to Grow Scheme

  • Our guide to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
    CIS is a bit of a complex science and if you are charging it its always a good idea to make sure you are doing it correctly. Here is our guide to what is the construction industry scheme.

  • As well as these guides we publish a lot of interesting content on our blog.


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