New Powered Now Release - Premium

We are excited to announce the latest update to Powered Now, which includes a range of powerful scheduling features designed to make managing your team's workload easier than ever before.

What does Powered Now Premium include?

UK-based telephone support

Powered Now customer support team will help you every step of the way. Premium subscribers can call Powered Now and receive UK telephone-based support. 

Help is at the end of a telephone call as well as in chat and emails.


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New customer portal 

Now your customers can book directly appointments, see details of future and past jobs and details of who will visit. When the customer frequently uses the trade business or has a maintenance contract, they can book appointments.

All communications in one place

Improve communication with your customers. 

When documents or messages through email or SMS are sent and received, Powered Now will hold them all in one place. Everything can be then seen and misunderstandings avoided or fixed.


More business generated from reminders sent to customers about work that needs to happen again.

B2B customers can book appointments online making for a much stronger proposition for our subscribers to their business customers.

The fact that reminders of certificates include a link to where an appointment can be booked will lead to increased business. Existing customers can also book selected appointment types e.g. attend for a quote etc. This will  be a key competitive advantage in servicing large business customers.

When the customer frequently uses the trade business or has a maintenance contract with them, they can book appointments online.


Powered Now will help you keep your customers safe. They will also receive a notification with the photo of who is going to attend the appointment which will give assurance for customers.


Drag and drop scheduling

Powered Now easier complex scheduling of resources will save you time and make more efficient use of staff.

A list of appointments needing scheduling is shown on the left with the people available each having a row showing their existing commitments. Appointments can be dragged to a person and time when there is availability.

infographic comparing powered now vs traditional methods

What are the Powered Now Premium Benefits?

  • Better communications
  • Save time and better utilise resources
  • Improve relationships with customers
  • Assurance for fearful customers
  • Online appointment booking
  • Customers are in control
  • UK telephone-based support

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