New Powered Now Release - Smart Scheduling Features

Of all the new features offered in Powered Now, the most highly requested was the new diary schedule. The Powered Now diary has had a huge overhaul and is now much more powerful and flexible to be able to be configured to work the way that you work. It's available for desktop, iOS and Android devices.

Powered Now's scheduling software provides all the information you need to schedule jobs faster and communicate with your staff and customers in just a few simple clicks.

Super flexible diary

Utilise a powerful shared diary tailored to how you work, improving communications and saving time.

By carefully setting up the diary in the settings it can be aligned with the way that you work making everything easier, clearer and quicker.

There will be less typing and misunderstandings together with a shorter learning curve for staff.

Standard appointments can be created each with different default lengths and default colours.

Appointments can be booked for all day or half days as well as a number of minutes as of now. Powered Now new scheduling software lets you:

  • Set standard lunch times and evenings so they can be automatically deducted from the time recorded on timesheets.
  • Schedule jobs more efficiently as staff holidays are shown in the diary.
  • Follow up on leads and internal meetings, and provide a simple “ToDo” system.
  • Set reminders.
  • Create a task for anyone in your team.
  • Notify when engineers check in / out of their appointment.
  • Send confirmation text and email to customers and tenants.
  • Categorise your diary appointments can be filtered by status/colour.

Powerful drag-and-drop scheduling

Hassle-free scheduling can be real. Powered Now's drag-and-drop calendar makes job scheduling more efficient. You can simply assign team members to jobs in seconds. This is a Premium feature.

The Powered Now diary enables appointments that haven’t yet been scheduled to be shown in an area on the left, while employees and their existing commitments are shown down the page.

It means that it’s easy to see where time is available and to drag and drop the unscheduled work into the gaps.

The unscheduled work can be where a customer has contacted the business and the work has been noted but not yet planned. It can also come electronically from the customer where they have booked online, although this feature is only available in the Premier tier of Powered Now.

See what's going on at a glance

The Powered Now calendar gives you a complete overview of what jobs are unplanned, unplanned for the day and unassigned.

“Unplanned” work, “Unplanned for the day” and “Unassigned” work are all available for planning and are shown on the left. The expand button covering the unplanned work turns orange where there is anything to be seen behind the tab.

Holidays, sicknesses and other absences are also shown in the schedule so that people aren’t accidentally allocated work when they aren’t available.

Once an appointment has been dragged onto the schedule view, it can be opened and adjusted, for instance, to assign more employees or to adjust the time. This is also the way it can be scheduled over multiple days.

Appointments can also be dragged back to become unplanned or unassigned.

Manage your jobs with the Powered Now GPS tracker

Staff can now get to the next appointment faster and cheaper with the Powered Now GPS tracker.

With one click a chosen navigation app can be opened on a smartphone to enable navigation straight to the next appointment. 

This is an automated link to a standard iPhone or Android maps app or Waze so that with one click on an appointment, the user is navigated to the correct address.

Watch this video to learn more:

New Smart Scheduling Feature's Benefits

  • Save time and better utilise resources
  • Schedule on the go
  • Real-time updates
  • Enhanced communications between the business
  • Plan your team's days easily

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