The benefits of diary management software

What is diary management software?

For busy small business owners, keeping track of their diaries is not an easy task. It can mean the difference between being prepared and missing important opportunities. Even if you are organised, you may end up losing precious time if you aren't planning your days well. Diary management software makes the job a lot easier for a field service business, as it automatically backs up your data so that you can access it anywhere in real-time. Here are some of the benefits of diary management software:

Team tracking & route scheduling

Powered Now’s team tracking software is a location tracker which lets you know where your team should be as well as where they actually are, using our GPS tracker app built right into the standard Powered Now software.

You can see all your team and appointments on a map and use our chat feature to stay in touch.

You can also use time tracking software to check when your team has logged in and out of jobs.

For any growing business, it is essential to know where your team are, in that way, you can be sure when they are on the job. Existing vehicle tracking solutions tend to be both expensive and overkill for many small businesses. Using Powered Now will allow you to see your team’s movements including a track of where they have been, their speed, the date and more. The same map also shows appointments. 

If you use team tracking software you will be able to:

  • Know where your team are at all times with the location tracker
  • Dispatch the nearest team member to emergency appointments
  • Team members can explicitly check-in and out of appointments
  • See the location of team members and the location of appointments on one map
  • Identify any abuse of vans from the speed and track that they take

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Scheduling and appointments

Job Scheduling Software can help your business be more organised and improve your productivity.

You can create appointments and reminders in seconds and allocate appointments to other team members with ease!

A good diary management software can make your time management easier and more accurate. And since you have all this data in one place, it becomes easy for your team to use it. With Powered Now, you can create an appointment status, assign it a colour and even a value. It's easier than ever to keep everyone organised.

The engineers can also add quick actions from the appointment, ie. they can create notes, forms and certificates and add photos all from within the appointment functionality.

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Send reminders and confirmations to customers

There are many benefits to sending automatic reminders to your customers when using diary management software. Automated appointment reminders are important for many trade businesses. They help customers remember their appointments and are a time-saving feature. Providing customers with this service can save you time and frustration while also increasing revenue. These reminders can be sent to your customers in various ways. Some systems send a message through email to your customers, which can be tailored to your preferences. Others use SMS reminders. With Powered Now, you can use both, auto texts and emails. 

Whatever the method you choose, these reminders can be highly effective for reducing no-shows and wrong time arrivals that can affect your engineers’ work schedules. Most people are guilty of forgetting about their appointments. Unfortunately, this is quite common in the modern world. This can make a world of difference for your trade business.

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Customer records

The convenience and efficiency of a diary management system are some of the greatest benefits of using this type of software. Powered Now makes it easy to keep your customer records and notes centralised. Everything is stored in a project so you can keep an eye on the important details. Powered Now customer features are really easy to use and powerful.

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Additional useful information

What is Job Scheduling Software?

Job scheduling software can be an invaluable tool for managing your workflows and systems. Using job scheduling software can make the entire process much easier and streamline your workflow. If you are looking for a solution that can streamline your workflow, you a book a free demo with one of our experts.

One of the major advantages of job scheduling software is its easy-to-read, intuitive layout. All the details of a job can be accessed in a few seconds, and all the information is easily accessible. Powered Now, for example, has also an integrated CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to pull customer information directly into bookings and update them live. This is invaluable for scheduling jobs quickly and efficiently. Some job scheduling software solutions are even mobile-friendly and have apps for iPad and iPhone users.

In addition to automating tasks, job scheduling software can also help companies reduce their costs by improving their overall productivity. Job scheduling software makes it easy to assign tasks to employees and track their time and performance. A simple click of a button can easily track a job's progress and ensure that no tasks are left incomplete. Once installed, the software can be accessed at any time, regardless of location.

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