Why Job Management Software is more than just a job sheet

When you think about job sheets, what’s the first thing that jumps into your mind? It's normally one of the following two extremes:

  • A sheet of A4 paper, printed at some point and immediately out of date

  • An overly complicated project plan drawn up by someone that’s rarely on site

I was curious to know if my assumptions were correct, so I decided to run an experiment and ask some of our users. 

Now Powered Now users are probably not typical, they have made a decision to use a product like ours to manage their business. However all agreed, before they were using Powered Now they either printed out a sheet of paper, or relied on something probably overly complex to manage their jobs.

However I had everything from Time Tracking, Gantt chats, Milestones and even risk management mentioned!

The truth is a job sheet should be a live document. Things change, and often on a busy job they change quickly. New details need to be recorded, or changes logged.

As soon as a job sheet gets printed it’s already out of date. Or if you’re relying on technology that’s too difficult, or non inclusive (limited to an office user) it adds little value.

Within Powered Now you have two options, you can create a job sheet document if you want to send it to someone (even non Powered Now users), or you can create a project.

The Job Sheet document within Powered Now has always been a bit of an unloved child of ours, it was our answer to the printed sheet some users love to send out. However, projects is really where its at.

Projects allows you to add photos, time logs, appointments and notes really quickly. When you create an appointment or document we automatically store it in a project for you, this means you can always refer back to the history of a job or customer, everything really is in one place.

This has a huge advantage over traditional job management solutions, you have it in your pocket with you and your team can easily access the details.

We’ve heard some really good stories from our users about how using projects has changed the way they work, increasing job productivity and even increasing job profitability (no more forgetting to bill the small things).

We’ve got some big plans for projects in 2019, so watch this space. If you still have questions about job management software do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help!

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