How to grow a small electrical business

While growing a small electrical business is challenging, it's not impossible. Wondering how to grow your small electrical business? Here are some ideas on how to make this happen!

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Word of mouth

If you're just starting out, word of mouth can be an effective tool to grow a small electrical business. Although your initial clients will likely be local, word of mouth can be spread through online directories and social media. A few simple ways to encourage word of mouth include providing top-notch customer service and being involved in the community. 

You can use social media to establish trust with customers. You can also set up a referral program with a perk or ongoing maintenance if you have an existing customer base.

This strategy can be very effective in attracting new customers. It also increases your business's visibility in the community and helps to establish a strong brand.

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Build a strong website

In order to attract customers to your electrical company, you need to make your website accessible to your target audience. 

Creating a professional website will help you build a strong brand identity. To do this, you should also make your website easy to use and incorporate information that is relevant to your target audience. 

It should be secured using HTTPS, and you must ensure that it is secure at all times. Nowadays, data breaches and hacked consumer information are common, so it is essential that your website is safe. Additionally, you need to ensure that your website loads quickly, as over 40% of visitors will abandon your site if it is slow.

If you are new to the electrical industry, you must be well aware of the market and its potential. Moreover, it is important to understand the needs of your customers, as these are the lifeblood of your business. 

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Use your social media

Using social media can be a great way to market your small electrical business. Social media offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers at once. By creating a social media account for your electrical business, you can highlight recent accomplishments and impressive projects. Make sure you use the social media platforms that your audience is likely to use, you don’t want to spend time using a platform that is not targeting your audience.

As far as social media goes, it's vital to stay active and engage with your customers - focus on posting great content that will help you boost your sales and increase your brand awareness. Social Media Marketing can help you create and maintain an effective social media profile, manage your followers, and measure your success. By using social media to promote your electrical business, you can drive traffic to your sales landing page. 

Facebook is the most popular social media site, with over one billion active users. With so many people using Facebook, you have to take advantage of this opportunity to promote your small electrical business. Posting pictures of electrical jobs, sharing quality information about your business and interacting with other users will help you gain followers. Also, you should make sure that your website is regularly updated. This will help you stay in touch with your customers and provide them with valuable information.

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Create flyers and marketing materials

Identify your unique selling proposition, which is what makes your product or service stand out from the competition. In today's world, where customers are spoiled for choice, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Make sure to highlight this in all of your marketing materials, especially your flyers which can help you target your local audience.

Use discounts and free quotes

By providing discounts and free quotes, you can reach more potential customers and grow your electrical business. 

Request customer reviews

Aside from building a positive online reputation, customer reviews are also important to boost your business's visibility. According to research by Robert Cialdini, asking customers for their opinion increases compliance by 77.3%.

To start using customer reviews to grow your electrical business, it's important to learn about online review platforms (read their policies and how they work). More than 90% of internet users will read reviews before contacting a business.  

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Supercharge your office

Invoices, Quotes, Job Sheets, Certificates and Forms, there is a lot of paperwork in running a business. Powered Now makes it easy for you and your team to create great-looking paperwork from anywhere. 

With everything in one place, you don’t have to go hunting through multiple apps, software or files to keep on top of your business.

Wrapping up

For electrical contractors, it's possible to automate marketing by sending emails to customers after a job is complete, sharing reviews on social media, and creating multiple testimonials pages on your website. It's even better if you can create video testimonials of your work.

It's important to keep in mind your current profitability, potential client base, and resources before starting a marketing campaign.

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