Qualities That Make a Great Electrician

Being an Electrician can be challenging but a rewarding career if you have proper skills.

Trained electricians are in high demand, and they get paid well. Plus with some cross training they can work in any country in the world. Being an electrician is both a universal and lifetime skill.

Electricians are also in short supply, sorry pun intended, as there is currently a shortage of electricians in the UK. So, it can be a great career for aspiring tradespersons.

To get started as an electrician there are quite a few requirements, these include training, licen to become an electrician — training, licensing, ongoing education, etc.

There are many other qualities that successful electricians need.

Mental & Physical Aptitude

It may sound obvious but Electricians work on electricity and electrical equipment. It involves both mathematics and physics. A good electrician has an interest in both mathematics and physics.

An electrician takes measurements and calculates power and voltages. So, mathematics is a key to almost everything an electrician does. For example, an electrician needs to master Ohm's Law. Every electrician needs to work out current, voltage, and resistance.

An aspiring electrician must also possess hand/eye coordination. Electricians must correctly identify the colour and nature of wires to avoid disasters.

Good Communication Skills

As an Electrician, you will be working with different people such as architects, contractors, managers, crews, etc. Communication skills are very important.

On the job, you will be expected to understand the tremendous customer service importance. Whether you plan to work individually or in an organisation, your communication skills can make or break your career.

Time Management

An electrician needs to complete assigned tasks either difficult or easy on time. To become successful, you must complete work on time. It is hard-to-learn but a necessary skill to manage your time extremely well.

When any company makes a job request for electricians, managers need to give a proper estimate of how much labor and cost. Electricians must have the ability to predict the time needed, and they should stick to that.

Team Player

An electrician rarely works alone. Mostly they work with other electricians, contractors, plumbers, carpenters, etc. An electrician needs to work well with others to achieve a successful project's ultimate goal.

While working on the project, electricians will need to work with many people such as homeowners, project managers, estimators, etc. Effective people skills are essential for keeping customers up-to-date and comfortable.

Customer Service

Every person who pays for goods or our services is a customer. Customer needs to be treated fair and with respect. Customer service skills are important because you will get new business based on customer satisfaction.

The amount of interaction an electrician has with customers depends on their type of position. If you work for a large organisation, you might spend maximum time servicing machinery within that organisation, and you might not come in contact with direct customers.

Problem-Solving Skills

One of the most important skills of an electrician is diagnosing and repairing electrical issues. Electricians are often challenged to detect and solve the problem on their own efficiently. It is important to be resourceful and make the right decision on time.

So, gain and practice these skills for a successful career.

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