best apps for electricians

Best apps for electricians in the UK

The electrical industry has come a long way with the advent of technology, and electricians now have access to a ...

The electrical industry has come a long way with the advent of technology, and electricians now have access to a variety of apps to help them run their businesses efficiently and effectively. 

In this article, we'll be discussing some of the best apps for electricians in the UK and how they can make their work easier. Let's begin!


Powered Now

Powered Now is a job management app that lets you run your electrical business on the go. This app is a mobile and web-based app designed specifically for tradespeople.

It allows electricians to manage their work from anywhere, whether it's on the job site, in the office, or on the go.

With Powered Now, electricians can create quotes and invoices, send unlimited electrical forms and certificates (including, PAT testing, minor electrical works, and EICR templates) and track their time and expenses. The app also integrates with accounting software, making it easier for electricians to manage their finances.

Watch this video where Chloe explains how to create a quick invoice in less than a minute:

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Sumup app

The SumUp App makes it simple to accept payments and manage your electrical business. You can use their free app together with a SumUp mobile card reader to get paid anywhere. Powered Now works with SumUp to make the whole process of taking card payments incredibly simple, visit this link to find out how you can use Powered Now to get paid faster!

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ARMD protects tradespeople and their property through technology. You can keep a record of your tools for FREE with ARMD tool inventory, buy the latest power tools or replace your stolen ones quickly and easily, add protection to your van and smart alarms to watch over your tools. Then make sure you protect your livelihood by including dedicated and affordable tool insurance all from the app. 


Electrician Calculator Pro

The Electrician Calculator Pro app is a comprehensive electrical calculator that allows electricians to quickly and easily perform calculations, conversions, and formulas.

It includes a wire size calculator, voltage drop calculator, and conduit fill calculator, among others. It's an essential tool for electricians to ensure their work is up to code and meets industry standards.



This may seem like a simple app, but it's a lifesaver for electricians who often work in dark or poorly lit areas. The app turns the phone's camera flash into a bright flashlight, making it easier for electricians to see what they're working on.


Wrapping up

Innovation and technology have brought many new apps and tools to make life easier for electricians, and the above-mentioned apps are just some of the many tools available to help electricians manage their businesses and complete their work with ease. By incorporating these apps into their workflow, electricians can improve their productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, allowing them to deliver high-quality work to their clients.

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