3 Reasons why you need more than just an accounting software

We all know how much paperwork and admin is a pain… You might be considering using software to help you get back your life from the headaches of dealing with paperwork and managing your own business. Accounting software could be one of your options - but is it the best option for your trade business?

In this article, we explain why you need more than just accounting software to help your business succeed.


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Accounting systems are great at doing accounts… for accountants

Sure, accounting software can raise quotes and invoices and record expenses, but that’s all it will do for you. 

Powered Now can do all of this, but much more too. Powered Now’s field management software has comprehensive reporting options that make it easy to see trends in your business. All information is easily available so you can pass the information to your accountant or bookkeeper or do your own accounts.

Everything can be exported, or if you are a XERO user it can be synced to your accountancy package.

If you are a VAT registered business you can also quickly connect to the HMRC portal and submit your own VAT return.

Powered Now is designed for the trade, not for your accountant so it’s really easy to use. 

What about other trade areas?

Customer management

Job management software, like Powered Now, can fully manage your contacts, including

where a customer has many sites like a landlord or housing association. Everything is stored in a project so you can keep an eye on the important details.

Projects can be managed by status, so companies with specific workflows will find it easy.

With support for both commercial, domestic, landlords and sites Powered Now customer features are really easy to use and powerful.


Create great-looking paperwork in minutes

Job management software can help you keep organised. Powered Now’s quotes and invoices can be customised so they can reflect not just your logo but all of your qualifications, memberships and other assets. Other paperwork handled by Powered Now includes health and safety, forms and certificates along with diary and task management.

There are also reminders, job sheets, signatures from clients, images of before and after along with pictures that can be freely added to quotes, invoices and job sheets and Powered Now works on your PC, Mac and tablet and smartphone even when there’s no signal – the list just goes on and on. 

Powered Now enables you to fully computerise your business, not just quotes and invoices. And if you are a sole trader you will be able to submit your MTD for Income Tax Self Assessment direct from Powered Now when it comes in soon.


Enables you to run your field-based team

Managing a trade business can be difficult to navigate. Field service management software can help you assign jobs and know where your team are in just a few clicks.

Powered Now enables you to effectively manage your team. 

You can know where everyone is and how long they’ve been working on each job. Then there's in-built team chat that enables your business conversations to be kept inside your company, away from prying eyes. 

You can use its powerful shared diary to schedule everyone while the whole team can see the big picture if you want that. The diary can be viewed by day, week, month, by customer, by team member, by project or by status. And you can look at how profitable each job is! 

Powered Now also has an MTD for VAT interface if you want to do all of your VAT calculations in one system.


Works with your accounting system when it's needed

As your business grows, the argument for an accounting system grows stronger and you will in any case need a payroll system. However, the need for a full business management system like Powered Now is even more pressing. So, of course, Powered Now works closely in-tandem with the most popular accounting system used among UK trade business – Xero. You can run your business, raise your sales invoices and record your costs in Powered Now and everything is electronically transferred to Xero. The powerful interface gives full control over how the data is moved across. Contacts, invoices and payments are all interfaced, with payments moving in both directions. Your accountant has lots of control on how and where these are posted in Xero.

Switch to field management software

Accounting systems are great at doing accounts for accountants. This doesn't in any way take away from the benefits that a business can get from a powerful business management system, fully optimised for trade businesses. An accounting system won't help with health and safety, gas forms, part P electrical documentation and other necessary paperwork. Powered Now will. Want to try Powered Now for yourself? Start a free trial today!

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