How Field Service Management Software helps trade businesses

If you are running a trade business, you've probably noticed that customers have high expectations when it comes to service and speed. Using an automated field service management system can help you and your staff in many ways, you can invoice, quote, schedule your jobs, use forms and certificates and have all your paperwork in one place! In this blog, we explain why you should use field service management software to help your business succeed.

What is field service management software?

Field management software is software that helps you keep on top of your jobs, customers, staff and important paperwork, such as quotes, purchase orders and invoices. It can also help you track your employee availability and performance.

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What are the benefits of using field service management software?

Using field service management software has many benefits. It helps them to cut down costs, guarantee compliance, boost workforce capacity, and eventually provide a great service to their customers. Let’s get started!

Get paid faster

Getting paid faster is essential in any trade business, and using a field service management software is key for this to happen. With Powered Now, you can create professionally branded quotes and invoices, track customer feedback and streamline your admin. Not only will you get paid faster, you'll enjoy more client satisfaction. You can create your invoices in a few seconds and send them via email or text. Everything is tracked so you know when its opened.

“I really struggle with my paperwork, invoicing doing quotes and all of this sort of thing. My strength is being on the tools and doing what I'm good at so this just makes my life so much easier. With everything is in one place and I can do more jobs. Powered Now of helped me massively and I thank them so much” Kevin Elsby

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Powered Now allows you to produce quotes and estimates quickly. You will be able to track the status of quotes and estimates throughout the entire process. The software will also let you enter quotes and estimates in your workflows. And it makes it easy to convert estimates and quotes into jobs once they have been entered into your system. 

As well as being an invoicing app, Powered Now is also quoting software that makes it easy to create great looking quotes directly from your smartphone or tablet. 

Create great looking paperwork in minutes

Using field service management software can help you quickly create professional invoices, quotes and worksheet. 

Powered Now has over 20 templates that you can customise. You can add your own logo and set it to your client viea email or text. Powered Now also has forms and certificates are incredibly easy to use and powerful and include gas safety, electrical, construction and many more.

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Manage your team more effectively

Field service management software helps you to track employee availability, you can assign jobs and know where your team are in just a few clicks. You can easily identify busy employees and free resources with the help of the software. Moreover, it enables you to efficiently schedule tasks as well as dispatch the nearest team member to emergency appointments.

Powered Now’s team tracking software is a location tracker which lets you know where your employees should be as well as where they actually are, using our GPS tracker app built right into the standard Powered Now software. It can also help you identify any abuse of vans from the speed and track that they take.

You can see all your team and appointments on a map and use our chat feature to stay in touch.

Improve job efficiency thanks to time saving features

With field service management software, your team can stay on top of all work orders and projects at all times. With a centralised view of everything that needs to be done, you can minimise human error and keep everyone on the same page. A comprehensive work order management system gives your team access to the history of projects and work orders, which will ensure quality service and reduce costs. Additionally, it can help you detect problems before they happen as you have everything in one place.

Powerful diary and scheduling

Using an intelligent diary and scheduling system that is liked to your team, customer records and all your paperwork can make your life easier! 

Field service management software is also important for time tracking. In the past, most businesses relied on pen and paper for time tracking. Entering timesheets on a computer was an inefficient way to monitor employee hours and identify trends. However, with modern software, this no longer needs to be a problem. Using this software makes it possible to manage your entire business, including field workers, anywhere, any time.

Everything is in one place and secure

Using field service management software will make the job easier and save you time by providing your staff with real-time information about your customer's needs and project status. 

With the advent of mobile devices, businesses are now more mobile than ever before, and field service management is no different. If you're constantly on the go, field service management software makes it easy to get data while on the move, and it's very helpful for achieving customer satisfaction.

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