New Powered Now Release - Customer Portal

In Powered Now's New Release, as well as the improved communications available with all tiers, there are some major additional features only available in the new Premium tier.

There is now a Customer portal, also only available in the Premium version, and which provides a major new facility to Powered Now customers.

There are several important opportunities arising from this. In blog we share everything you need to know, let's begin!


Every certificate or form that has been completed can have a reminder set. This reminder is automatically sent to your customer, typically 11 months after the time it was raised.

In this reminder you can have a link to the online booking facility and your customers can click the link and book an appointment for a time that works for both you and them.

Obviously, this is very quick and easy for them and they can do it right away. So you can expect that to directly generate extra business and will keep some of the nationals at bay that are always trying to muscle in on your customers.

Your customers can book appointments

Any customer that regularly gets work done by you can go online any time and book work with you. This would apply to a larger residential customer that you do a lot for and particularly for business customers where you may have a stream of work or even a maintenance contract.

Better communications

All the documents that you send are available for your customer to view online. This should eliminate those irritating calls for duplicate copies of things - they can find them for themselves in just a few clicks!


A couple more benefits are that when you or one of your employees are visiting a customer for the first time, they can click on the notice about the appointment and see the details of the person visiting.

We found from research that a large minority of people are somewhat nervous when they are receiving a new person to perform work and that this will help with their unease.

All communications in one place

Finally, you now have the ability to keep all communications with the customer in one place because on every communication you send from Powered Now, your customers can click on a link to reply. these replies are then also stored on the timeline 

All of this is achieved with some clever technology that doesn’t require your customer to invent a password yet keeps their information secure. 

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