New Powered Now Release - Maps integration

Did you know that with The New Powered Now Release you and your staff can get to your appointments faster and cheaper?

How does the new Powered Now Navigation work?

An automated link to standard iPhone or Android maps app or Waze will help you and your staff with just one click get to your appointments in time. 

You chose a navigation app that can be opened on a smartphone to enable navigation straight to the next appointment. It is super easy to use.

Find your way to clients' properties with our new map integration, click directly from your appointment through to Navigation systems such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze

Powered Now Navigation Benefits

  • Less wasted time and fuel by avoiding getting lost
  • No more traffic snarl-ups
  • Safer driving
  • Staff in the right place at the right time


Watch this video to find out more about The New Powered Now Maps Integration

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