How AI Is Being Used In The Construction Industry

Is it time to say goodbye to the traditional methods? No, however, these traditional methods can work in collaboration with modern practices to make the operations of construction trade businesses more effective, cost-efficient and safer.

Artificial Intelligence may be everywhere at the moment, and you may be a little sceptical about how this could be relevant to the trade industry - especially if you work in construction. However, AI has the ability to streamline your processes, whether during the planning stages of a project or upon the completion of that work. In fact, it’s proving to be quite fundamental to the success of construction work as of recent.

But why and how?

Let’s take a look at how applying AI practices to your daily operations as a trade business owner can aid with daily operations, including predictive maintenance, process automation and more. We will also take a look at how platforms like ours (Powered Now) can integrate with AI to further enhance the benefits.

Predictive Maintenance

One of the most convincing reasons for decision-makers like you to add AI into their trade business processes is its ability to predict maintenance at construction sites. With these powerful artificial intelligence tools, you can analyse data from various sources, such as your environments and equipment sensors, to understand when machinery might need some upkeep or when structures on site could cause risk. Having this tool under your belt ensures your team on site remains safe, mitigates the need for extensive downtime and guarantees a longer lifespan for your equipment.


No, you didn’t read that wrong - robotics in construction are actually a thing! These robotics are powered by AI and can significantly impact your trade business for the better. These robots come equipped with the incentive to conduct your repetitive tasks, taking that burden off your team.  As an example, imagine no longer having to task your construction team with time-consuming bricklaying and welding tasks - with these robotics, that can be a reality. Having the advantage of continuous working without the mental and physical strain your team faces after a long day; these robots can aid in faster completion of jobs with fewer errors and reduced material waste.

Automating Processes

No construction crew wants to be faced with time-consuming processes, be that on-site or back at the office. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the continuous benefits AI has on automating these processes, whether surveying your sites with drones, collecting and analysing data, monitoring job sites through cameras, tracking the progress of projects, or ensuring your staff remains compliant at all times. With the power of AI by your side, you can keep your workflow flowing at all times, with teams across various job sites able to focus more on efficiently, accurately and effectively completing projects rather than writing up the paperwork and stressing about compliance.


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Tech Integrations

Not many are aware of this; however, you can integrate your AI practices with your technology. For those who use construction job management software like Powered Now, you could further enhance its features to automate maintenance reminders and set up other predictive indicators. This provides peace of mind that your on-site crew and equipment are compliant and safe at all times. What’s more, Powered Now can assist your construction business in more ways than one, with our features streamlining your quoting, invoicing, HR, job scheduling, admin and more. With AI and Powered Now by your side, you can make your trade business fly.

AI and technology as a whole have been and will continue to have a significant impact on how construction is approached in the future. This isn’t just about integrating new technology into business operations to remain competitive (although it helps); it’s about setting your team up for success with software that streamlines daily processes, takes the pressure off repetitive tasks and guarantees safety and compliance on-site at all times. AI is setting new standards for construction. Whether you’re an on-site manager, builder or co-owner in this industry, keeping up with the times and adding AI to your toolbox will prepare you for just about anything in years to come.

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