How To Maximise The Productivity Of Your Plumbers Through Automation

When you think of workflow automation as a plumber, you probably think of replacing manual jobs with robots. But that’s definitely not the case! In every plumbing business, you will face repetitive admin tasks like sending quotes, invoices, reminders and scheduling jobs, but now, thanks to the advancements in technology, these can now be handed off to software. This helps business owners like yourself reduce costs, align your team and get more work done.

Digital tools like plumbing software or a plumber job management app can massively help streamline everyday tasks. To learn about how to automate your team's work, read our points below.

Save time and money

Time is money. Therefore, minimising administrative work and maximising your and your team's billable hours is essential for driving success. So, when your employees spend hours each week on tasks like data entry, scheduling and reporting, they aren’t making the most of their time.

Automating these areas of work frees them up to focus on more important things. The time employees save as a result of automation can be spent on activities that directly generate income.

Empower your team

Research by PwC suggests that, far from replacing human workers, automation actually makes employees' work lives better and more enjoyable. Most automated tasks are things that people don’t want to do in the first place or jobs that, when automated, improve employee performance. Administrative work like scheduling shifts, managing payroll or confirming appointments is where automation shines.

A good automation platform will actually empower employees to get creative and streamline their own workflows.

Improve your workflow

As your plumbing company expands and grows, workflows can become neglected, messy and complex. Customer paperwork gets stacked high in boxes, and computers get filled with outdated spreadsheets. By modernising your business operations and workflows, automation-powered digital tools are a great solution.

Automating tasks also reduces the risk of human error. For example, moving from an analogue or spreadsheet-based workflow to a digital one can significantly reduce the risk of mistakes. You’d also never see an out-of-date document if files get automatically updated. You won’t forget to send an invoice or forget a customer appointment when reminders are sent automatically. The more admin work you can automate, the smoother your business will start to run. When human error is reduced or removed, processes are improved.

Ready to try automation?

Now you’ve had a taste of how workflow automation can maximise the productivity of your plumbing business, there's no excuse to keep operating manually. Keep on top of your jobs, team & paperwork with a plumber's job management app.

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