The Future of the Electrical Industry: Trends & Predictions

Many industries have made leaps and bounds in recent years, developing and advancing new ways in which they approach business. One of those is the trade industry - with electricians being at the forefront of this technological leap. While we say technological leaps, we aren’t just talking about improving and innovating electrical systems; we’re talking about changing the ways in which we use them in our daily lives. From renewable sources to smart homes and electric vehicles, let’s delve into the future of the electrical industry with some trends and predictions.

Renewable Energy Integration

Solar panels and wind turbines are just some of the ways the electrical industry has pivoted towards renewable energy sources and energy distribution. The same is true for battery storage solutions. The world has been driven by the requirement to create a more sustainable future, all while finding attainable methods to reduce our carbon footprint. As these innovations and advancements in electrical technology take place, it’s essential that those working in the field remain compliant, with continuous education around these new processes while attaining certifications where appropriate. Renewable energy installations will be an essential skill for electricians of the future, with their specialised knowledge in installing and maintaining these new systems becoming invaluable.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

As we head further into the world of electric vehicle (EV) ownership, we are seeing more and more professional electrical trade businesses advance their service catalogues to service the setup, installation and maintenance of EV stations. The need for extensive EV charging infrastructures in homes, commercial spaces, and public areas is becoming even more demanding. Therefore, electricians skilled in this area are in demand more than ever - especially those who have obtained an EV installation certificate.

Smart Homes

Let’s talk about smart homes—not only has this concept gained a lot of attraction in recent years, but it’s becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, as first thought. From unmatched security measures and time-saving automation to smart thermostats and sustainable solutions, the way of life with a smart home is one to be desired. With that in mind, the demand for electricians to handle these types of integrations is growing rapidly. Electricians of today are expected to be qualified and skilled to handle not only traditional techniques, installations, and wiring but also those of Iost connectivity, smart devices, and home automation systems.

Going Digital

When it comes to managing the day-to-day operations of trade businesses, especially the demanding ones of electricians, electrical management software may be the best solution. Manage the administrative tasks, finances, your team and internal communications in one place, conveniently from your phone, laptop and anywhere on the go. Powered Now offers digital solutions tailored to your business to streamline operations, including but not limited to job scheduling, quoting and invoicing, certificates and paperwork (including the EV installation certificate mentioned previously), HR, suppliers, VAT returns & more - yes, really! We provide all the tools electrical business owners and their staff need to manage workloads, projects and paperwork professionally and efficiently.

In conclusion, the world of being an electrician is changing with innovations in the technology used, the training available, and the expectations of upcoming and existing clients; however, with the right tools and training, your electrical trade business can remain competitive and compliant throughout this transformative phase in the industry.

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