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Whether you're a builder or a team of heating engineers, there are many risks to you and the public while working on the job. However, much care is taken to manage hazards and make a working area safe, there is the chance that an accident could happen.

Public liability insurance is designed to cover you and your business against claims for injury or damage made by your customers or members of the public.   


What is public liability insurance? 

Whether an incident happens on your premises or when your employees are out and about, public liability insurance helps to shield your business against unforeseen costs. Even when you do everything right, accidents can happen.

Any business can face compensation claims and legal fees, whether you're a sole trader working with tools, or you own a small business with employees.

Could your business afford to pay a potentially significant claim? Public liability insurance can give you peace of mind in knowing that your business is covered in the event of a claim.  


Do I need public liability insurance? 

Most tradespeople, from subcontractors to sole traders, will benefit from having it. It’s not a legal requirement, but some professional clients may require your business to have a certain level of public liability insurance before working with you. Likewise, certain trade associations ask their members to be fully insured, such as plumbers. 


What does it cover? 

Public liability claims can arise from several circumstances. A customer might trip on an uneven surface at your premises, or a member of the public could injure themselves on a piece of your equipment. It will also cover claims for property damage, even simple accidents such as accidentally knocking over a mug of coffee and damaging a customer's laptop.  

  • Cover of £1 million, £2 million or £5 million 
  •  Professional indemnity cover (up to £100,000) 
  •  Financial loss cover (up to £100,000) 
  •  Accidental death cover 
  •  First £1,000 of tools cover (can be increased up to £15,000) 
  •  Personal accident cover 
  •  Plus, optional extensions and extras 
  •  Option to pay in monthly instalments 


How much does public liability insurance cost?   

We understand that price is an important factor - especially for small businesses - so we keep our policy premiums competitive. We aim to keep tradespeople covered against the risks that could stop them from trading.

The cost of a policy depends on several things, including the size of your business and what trade you carry out.

To find out how much a policy would cost your business, get an online quote now from our partners at Trade Direct Insurance, talk to their experts on 0800 0280 380 or arrange a call back. 


Who's covered? 

Trade Direct Insurance covers over 70 trades and cover for multiple trades is also available. They insure: 

  • Sole traders 
  • Contractors 
  • Partnerships 
  • Limited companies 
  • Limited liability partnerships 
  • Up to 15 employees 

For more information about public liability insurance and other types of insurance, please visit their website: 


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