Why does my plumbing business need insurance?

Regardless of how careful you are, accidents out of your control can happen, and some jobs can go wrong. Perished plastic fittings or a continuously leaking tap could have devastating consequences for your plumbing business and your customer's property.  


New plumbing fittings, new problems 

Leading insurer Zurich recently highlighted the scale and cost of water damage claims due to plastic push-fit plumbing fittings. One claim cost approximately £800,000 worth of damage because of a solvent-related pipe leak on a building that had only recently been completed. Another case saw eight separate leaks relating to the application of mastic to pipework, causing over £150,000 of damage to the structure.  

They're seeing a rise in claims where certain types of plastic react to other materials used in the construction and building fit-out process. Using the incorrect compound to seal gaps around pipes passing through walls is a growing concern. Plumbers must be aware of potential issues that could arise many months or years later.  


Can your business absorb the cost of accidents? 

Small accidents could lead to a costly payout if you don't have the correct plumber's insurance for your business. Public liability Insurance can provide valuable protection for your business. You and your company may be financially liable for accidents caused by you, your company or a contractor, either on your site or elsewhere.

Public liability claims can be very expensive, which could significantly impact you and your plumbing business. As well as giving you peace of mind to get on with your job, many companies and trade associations require evidence of public liability insurance


How much plumber's public liability insurance do I need? 

Our partner Trade Direct Insurance provides plumbers and heating engineers with public liability insurance. Cover automatically starts at £1 million, and you can extend this depending on the risks you face.

This cover also includes £1,000 of 24-hour tools insurance for self-employed plumbers if you choose the Classic or Plus level product. It protects your tools anywhere in the UK and includes overnight theft from your van. You can also increase tools cover to £15,000. You don't have to pay all of your premium at once; you can pay in monthly instalments on Direct Debit. 


Who's covered? 

  • Sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and limited liability partnerships 
  • Plumbers & heating engineers who work on domestic and commercial properties 
  • Individuals and small to medium-sized businesses specialising in installation, maintenance or general plumbing work 
  • Businesses with turnover of up to £3 million 


Need cover for your team? 

If you have people working for you on a permanent or temporary basis, Employers' Liability Insurance can be added to your policy, covering up to 15 manual employees or contractors. 

Personal accident insurance is included with a plus cover, which could pay you an income if you cannot work due to an accident at work. 


What property types are covered?

Trade Direct Insurance offers cover for work at different property types: 

  • Domestic only – Cover for private dwellings only 
  • Domestic & Light Commercial – Cover for private dwellings, shops, offices, public houses, guest houses, hotels, schools, restaurants and takeaways 
  • Commercial excluding hazardous locations – Cover for all types of property except work in or on railways, railway installations, watercraft, blast furnaces, chimney shafts, collieries, dams, gas works, mines, power stations, steeples, towers, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, canals, docks, piers, wharves, quarries, chemical works, oil refineries or fuel depots, work in or on aircraft, work in or on airport or aerodrome runways maneuvering areas or aprons, or those parts of airports or aerodromes to which aircraft have access 


While public liability insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, employers' liability insurance is if you have any employees working for you (including any volunteers). Employers' liability insurance will support you if an employee seeks compensation for an injury or illness they sustained through their work. 


Cover for bigger plumbing businesses 

Trade Direct Insurance provides plumbers' liability insurance online for businesses with an annual turnover of up to £3 million and up to 15 manual employees. If your business is bigger than this, please ring our UK-based team on 0800 0280 380 for a quote or find other ways to contact us via our Contact us page.


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