Eco-Friendly Ways For Pest Control Businesses To Catch Pests

IThe spotlight on environmental issues and businesses' efforts to make eco-friendly choices is greater than ever. The awareness of differing environmental concerns means that as a business owner, your customers will be looking for services that meet not only their expectations but also those of the world. The key here is to remain profitable while introducing new and improved methods of conducting your services. This is true for trades in the pest control field. For pest control businesses, adopting eco-friendly practices for catching pests can not only ensure you remain a credible first choice for potential customers but also help your team contribute to a healthier planet, too - it's a win-win!

So how do you do this? Keep reading…

Prevention Is Key

Firstly, we need a good defence plan in place. Preventative measures are key for pest control, and the need to catch pests can be mitigated with proper sanitation, the sealing of entry points, and ensuring food is stored correctly. We ideally want to reduce the risk of an infestation, not have to catch them. Promoting these easy, harmless ways to mitigate pests in the home reduces the need for chemical treatments, ultimately helping with your sustainability.

Natural Pest Control Methods

Biological Controls

Natural predators and/or parasites are some of the more effective sustainable practices used when managing pests. Specific types of nematodes target the population of pests in soil, reducing the number of pests for your clients. Ladybugs are also natural predators of aphids! It's a great alternative that works and is considered eco-friendly.

Botanical Insecticides

Another practice pest control businesses can use for more sustainable methods is plant-derived insecticides. These substances, such as those made from neem oil or pyrethrum, are a great alternative to chemical use that is less harmful to non-target species (including pets and humans)—and they're a biodegradable option, too!

Exclusion Methods

Utilising door sweeps, traps, and caulking is a fantastic method of pest control that results in no harm to the pests or the environment. This strategy is widely used, preventing pest entry through physical barriers.

How Can Technology Help

Did you know digital reporting services are becoming increasingly popular in the field of trade due to their efficiency and green credentials? With the likes of Powered Now's job management software for pest control businesses, you can not only track the pest control methods used by your team across projects, better demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, but also reduce the use of paper throughout your company.

Improving methods of pest control showcases your business's efforts to improve the environment and your sustainability at such demanding times, and you can ensure you remain competitive, effective, and successful.

Customers are actively looking for businesses taking these steps to help the planet, so why not get ahead and ensure you're one of the very first calls they make?

With the pest control practices above, including exclusion methods, prevention and biological controls, you can make a difference for the better. We should also mention the benefits of Powered Now's pest control reporting services. For more information, get in touch today.

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