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product update

What's new in Powered Now: New Update!

Powered Now’s previous release was a massive upgrade. Now we have followed up with another major software update that will bring more benefits to...

Gas Safety Week

Gas Safety Week: Stay Gas Safe

It's that time of year again when we join hands to promote a cause that's close to our hearts – Gas Safety Week.

Becoming a Plumber in the UK

Plumbing is a rewarding profession that offers great job prospects and the satisfaction of providing essential services to homeowners and businesses...


Growing Your Construction Business in the UK

Expanding a construction business in the competitive UK market can be a challenging endeavour. Here we share essential strategies for success.

Chat GPT's recommendations for trades

To provide a comprehensive guide for tradespeople in the UK, we've asked ChatGPT to share some tips and recommendations and this is what we've got!

Developing Skills as a Tradesperson in the UK

Master your trade in the UK: Specialise, gain qualifications, embrace apprenticeships, continuous learning, and network for success as a tradesperson.

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