What's new in Powered Now - Summer 2022 Updates

We're back to share our latest update to Powered Now - the award winning invoicing, quoting and scheduling app for small trade businesses.

We’ve added a bunch of cool new features, certificates and made some major improvements as well as bug fixes that will make your experience with Powered Now better than ever.

Check them out 👇


New Powered Now features

  • New Xero login - This will only appear for users logging in via the Xero app store.
  • Link to partner/referral page on Web version (gift icon next to sync icon). Know someone that should be using Powered Now? Now you can refer a friend in just a few clicks.


Forms and Certificates

We've added the following Forms & Certificates:

  • Emergency Lighting Existing Site Compliance Certificate 
  • Domestic Visual Condition Report
  • 5 new customisable Job Completion Forms - each with the ability to adjust the title that displays on the form itself and have some custom text (can be edited at the point of creation, but also has the ability to have some default text set). It also has an option in Settings to choose whether a user signs it or a customer.

💥We now have over 50 Forms and Certificates!

Visit our forms and certificate page to find our full list.

More industry-standard certificates will be added in soon!


👉 Book a free demo to learn how Powered Now works!


Make sure you update your Powered Now app

Important: Update the Powered Now app on your Apple or Android device to the latest version (V 8.6.3) while on good wifi to get access to the latest features and improvements.


Booking Training

Don't forget your subscription comes with unlimited training if there is something you would like to learn how to do, just book a slot! You can do this here Book Training Session.

If you have any questions you can give us a call at 0800 368 8153 or send us an email to support@powerednow.com.



The Powered Now Team

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