What's new in Powered Now: New Update!

Many people, once they have climbed a particular mountain, like to put their feet up and take a well-earned rest!

Here at Powered Now, we are trying to break this tradition.

Powered Now’s previous release was a massive upgrade. Now we have followed up with another major software update (v9.0.3) that will bring more benefits to plumbers, heating, gas engineers and other trades. We continue making the life of trade businesses more profitable with less effort, all by going digital.


The version includes a whole raft of green certificates providing comprehensive in-app support for the green revolution. This makes us the first in the UK in terms of the range available. Included are Heat Pump Commissioning Certificates, Vented Cylinder Commissioning Certificates, Air Source Heat Pump Servicing Records and a Solar Thermal Commissioning Checklist.

Green Certs-1 

As well as this, five new general-purpose forms have been added, each with customisable titles, colours and up to 50 question and answer fields. A greatly extended generic measurement form has also been introduced. It means that forms can be tailored exactly as required without needing any programming or other specialist skills.


It’s often hard to get field-based heating and plumbing engineers to follow procedures that are needed both for safety and to have the job done right. Powered Now’s latest release helps with this by introducing a new “engineer mode” which opens the app with exactly what the engineers have to do on the day. It all takes less taps and less effort. With constant and automatic synchronising to head office and fellow colleagues, it’s even easier to control and keep track of what’s going on in the business.

New help with all aspects of quotes and jobs comes from significant improvements in image and photo handling. Customers can be shown more clearly what will be done, it’s easier to record up-front what’s needed and details of the finished job can be captured to be used in future marketing or any dispute. This all comes from better image quality, multiple image handling, pinch and zoom image capability and resizing of images to fit documents sent to customers. All under easy user control.

As well as these major changes, Powered Now’s latest release is packed full of the little improvements – 300 in all – that make for easier administration and paperwork for UK plumbers and heating engineers as well as all other trades businesses.

Powered Now has the most comprehensive support for UK forms and certificates on the market and of course includes CP12’s as well as other gas and oil certificates. For anyone running a UK trade business, the chances are that Powered Now can handle every piece of paperwork right out of the box. In addition, all paperwork is always fully up to date. In fact, Powered Now was in conformance with the latest British Electrical Standards before NICEIC was! And the team are already working on the latest enhancements.

In summary, Powered Now’s latest release adds significant additional power to the proposition of increasing profit and saving efforts by going digital. It’s worth downloading it for yourself to see how Powered Now can help your business or book a demonstration with the friendly Powered Now team.

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