Navigating Price Inflation In The Trade Industry

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction During Re-Pricing Periods

There comes a time as a business owner or decision maker when the conversation of raising your prices will arise. Now, for many, this time of year can be extremely daunting, with a focus on navigating this period successfully without leading to a loss in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Every business will face pricing restructures. This is a necessary process in order to remain profitable and optimise sustainable growth. That being said, it can be a touchy subject between staff and clients and poses a risk of alienating customers who choose your services not only for the quality and experience but the price point, too.

Your approach to increasing prices will require a carefully considered strategy, and that’s where we come in. Let’s explore ways in which the trade industry, be it electricians, gas engineers, construction firms, or others, can raise their service charges without causing friction, frustration, and dissatisfaction among customers.

A Transparent Approach

Honestly is the best policy as they say, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to business management and customer satisfaction. No matter the reasoning behind increasing your prices, be it inflation, internal quality improvements, or the rising cost of materials, tools, and salaries, offering the explanation behind your decision is key to maintaining the trust of your client base. Transparency will always remain the key to success for stakeholders, staff, and customers.

Real-Time Updates & Communication

You should NEVER suddenly change your prices without warning and informing all whom it will affect. Communication in real-time will save you the hassle of responding to ongoing concerns, annoyances and cancellations. This is especially true for your long-term, loyal and returning customers. Ultimately, this step in the process showcases your respect for others and allows people to adjust their budgets or discuss services further with you. For some, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure processes are clearly outlined to clients and staff, too; this avoids risk and unexpected occurrences and sets you up for success. You should concisely outline how your upcoming changes will affect them.

Additional Value & Loyalty Benefits

While price increases may be necessary, your customers may not feel the same way, which is understandable. One way many businesses offset any negative perceptions that may come their way is by offering additional value alongside price adjustments. This could be with added services, discounts for first-time customers, loyalty programmes or enhanced features. This showcases the continued quality, professionalism and benefits of opting for your trade business as their go-to provider. These incentives allow people to see price increases in a more positive light.

Various Flexible Payment Options

Can you name a single website that doesn’t provide flexible payment options? Thought not! And the trade industry is no different. If your business doesn’t offer customers the chance to utilise flexible payments, it’s time to change that. Services like Powered Now and SumUp offer convenient payment solutions that allow customers to choose the payment method that best suits their needs, as well as providing you with streamlined invoicing and quoting processes. With the likes of instalment plans, financing and secure checkouts, you can ease the burden of financial changes at your business for future and returning clients. It also allows you to remain competitive and ensure revenue remains consistent.

Feedback & Improvements

Finally, whether it’s payment adjustment processes, added features and services or other business decisions, encouraging client feedback is key to future success. Hearing how your customers feel, the concerns they have and the questions they need answering will enable you to reflect and adapt to better suit their needs. With this involvement in the decision-making process and actively listening to their needs, you can strengthen the relationship and improve loyalty.

Everyone is raising their prices. This isn’t something that is limited to just your trade business, so while the approach you take should take customers into consideration, it’s unavoidable, and the business's sustainable growth should take priority. With the right strategies, tools and mindset, your team can initiate increases in service prices without causing stress, confusion and lack of trust. Alongside adding extra loyalty benefits and the occasional discount, heading into this period with transparency and real-time communication at the forefront will be essential.

With the help of Powered Now and SumUp, you may consider offering clients more convenience when choosing to opt for your service in the future despite the rising costs. Flexible payment options and streamlined billing and invoicing operations will benefit not only your business but also your customers. These incentives can be significant at this time. 
Ultimately, at these daunting times, demonstrating the value of your services, as well as your quality of work, reliable timeframes and staff as well as your professional yet honest approach, you can successfully implement price increases without negatively impacting your customer base.


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