The Best Work Van Accessories For Any Trades Person

Every tradesman needs his tools… and his van. A well-equipped work van is crucial to the success of any project, big or small. Not only is it the mode of transport between sites and the office, it’s essentially your storage and occasional on-the-go workshop too. Whether it's shared with the whole team or it’s for your own use, ensuring the work van is set up with the right equipment and accessories is undeniably important for efficiency, safety and productivity.

So, what are the best work van accessories for all trades? We have you covered.

Keeping Things Organised

The first priority should be how you maintain your van. We don’t mean MOTs, putting air in your tyres or checking your engine's oil levels (although this upkeep is essential, too) - We’re talking about your space being as efficient as possible, maximising the sometimes limited space you have for day-to-day comfort and ease. Implementing an efficient organisation system in your van should be a must for all tradesmen. Here are a few organisational solutions you could add.


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Shelving Units

There are many companies that offer customisable and/or bespoke built shelving units that can be fit to the interior of your van. This not only transforms empty space into efficient areas of storage but allows you to optimise the size of the van for your equipment without it becoming messy, cramped and overwhelming.

Draws & Storage Bins

Smaller equipment and tools, including scissors, screws, wires and other hardware, will need to be stored sensibly to avoid time wasted searching and/or loss of the pieces. Having these neatly and efficiently stored in small drawers and compartments is best. This could be a small set of plastic worktop draws, each for the individual types of material you have or stackable boxes that take up minimal space yet are easily accessible. Remember to purchase lids for your storage solutions, as some travel conditions may cause things to fall over.

Magnetic Tool Holders

As a tradesman, you have an extensive array of tools to use across multiple tasks and projects, and these need to be stored in a safe and secure manner. To do so, you can invest in a magnetic tool holder for the wall of your van. This allows you to keep tools within reach and easy access while ensuring they stay in one place during travel. This storage solution helps clear space on the floor of your van for other necessities.

On The Go Power Supplies

Not all, but some trade businesses may need access to power when out and about between or at projects. This remote power can be an essential factor in the successful completion of client work and remaining productive throughout the day. For those who need to access this power supply, generators and inverters will be a fantastic investment for your van.


Make The Most Of Your Technology

Whether it's a GPS route feature, a scheduling calendar or a job management platform, there are many forms of technology that assist tradesmen in their day-to-day operations. In fact, a trade business management software like Powered Now does all 3 in one. However, to make the most of this software, be it Powered Now’s streamlined app or a basic GPS route system, you’ll need one specific work van accessory - a phone holder. Ensuring you’ve invested in a quality phone holder that reliably stays in a safe yet accessible place for the driver/team to use when needed is key.

Safety Precautions

It is essential that you remain compliant and safe at all times throughout the workday. This required you to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances or issues. Supplying your work vans with the necessary safety, including fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency supplies (jump cables, lighting, etc) is a priority. This not only keeps your employees safe, but it keeps the public and your customers safe, too.

As well as having your vans set up for success internally, you need to ensure they are set up with protection for potential and unpredictable circumstances too. This includes theft, damage or accidents. Partnering with Trade Insurance Direct for your van and tool insurance will offer comprehensive protection ensuring you have peace of mind on the roads with your vehicle investments.

In conclusion, all trades will have their own bespoke requirements and needs for their work vans; these accessories above are a general list of the best accessories almost all fields within trade could benefit from. Customising your work vans for effective workflow is key to improving team productivity, time efficiency and overall work output. 


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