The Future of Plumbing: Trends and Predictions

As with any industry, technology, trends, and regulations rapidly advance. For the plumbing trade, becoming conscious of these ensures you remain sustainable and competitive, ultimately providing you with the tools and information needed to succeed. 

In recent years, all trades have seen significant transformations in their operations and management; however, the plumbing business, in particular, is set for some big steps forward in 2024. From smart plumbing systems and digital tools to innovative materials and eco-friendly solutions, many exciting predictions are coming up. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the key trends and predictions that will have an impact on the future of your plumbing business.

Smart Plumbing Systems & Integrations

When you think of plumbing, you think of internet integrations - of course not! However, in recent years, we have seen and will continue to see smart plumbing systems and Internet of Things (IoT) integration in the day-to-day running of trade business. These developments with IoT are utilising actuators, sensors and connectivity to control and monitor multiple tasks remotely. 

To put it in perspective, these remote plumbing systems have the power to detect leaks and other unforeseen problems in real-time. The result? An automatic shut-off to mitigate risks and damage. With the assistance of an IoT integration, your team of plumbers can assess water temperature, usage and pressure, saving you time and money. With this proactive approach to maintenance, you can reduce the cost of unexpected repairs and avoid the need for unnecessary travel to on-site locations.

Water Conservation & Sustainable Solutions

With the continuous concerns surrounding water conservation and environmental sustainability across all industries, everyone is trying their best to find solutions - and plumbing is no exception. We have seen a growing demand for sourcing systems and processes that save water and use less energy. With the likes of greywater recycling (in which we re-use and feedback water from showers, sinks and baths for non-potable uses, including toilet flushing) and low-flow fixtures (a ​​lower flow rate of water quantity per flush/shower), we can minimise waste, and the impact plumbing has on the planet.

Pipe Materials & Design

Another factor revolutionising the plumbing trade with its improved longevity, durability and performance are innovations in materials and design. These advancements in modern pipework materials include corrosion-resistant metals, flexible plastic polymers and more. Thanks to their solid engineering, using these updated elements minimises the risk of error, concerns and continuous maintenance.

The Impact Of Climate Change

Climate change poses many challenges to plumbing systems, all of which lead to flooding, erosion, and infrastructure damage. Increased intensity of weather conditions, the continuous rise of sea levels, and the shifting precipitation patterns can place additional strain on already vulnerable plumbing systems.

Digital Tools & Augmented Reality

From 3D modelling software to AR-enabled mobile applications, digital plumbing tools and augmented reality (AR) technologies are transforming the way UK plumbers are planning, designing, assessing and troubleshooting systems. These new tools enable plumbers to streamline their workflows, identify potential issues, and visualise solutions in real-time.

Streamlined Processes With Technology

Job management software will play a significant role in implementing efficient operations and improved management for plumbing businesses. With one of these systems, you have all the tools in one place. From professional certificates and paperwork to drag-and-drop calendars and keeping up with finances, these apps allow for continuous employee and client satisfaction.

With greater innovation, resilience and sustainability, the future of plumbing is set to be a success. As a trade business owner, embracing new technologies, adapting to changes in regulation and implementing sustainable practices will position you as a leader in your field and a trusted partner for future clients. 

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