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In the third episode of Adventures in Trade, we spoke to Todd Glister. He runs a very successful heating and plumbing firm, has his own show on FIX radio and is a brand ambassador for the best firms in the trade. And he's also a Powered Now customer.

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In this episode on Adventures in Trade, Ben, Powered Now CEO, speaks to the plumbing sensation Todd Glister. With over 15k followers on Instagram Todd is prolific with his stories; he shares daily and covers everything from tips to horror stories!

In the podcast we talk about how Todd got started in the trade; he shares his tips for using social media and some funny stories along the way.

How did Todd Glister start on social media?

I used to do a bit, years and years and years ago. I used to do a fair bit on Snapchat, just personally like on holidays and stuff like that, and grew a bit of a following on there.

And then obviously then I used to post a to Facebook back in the day. Then Instagram basically introduced the whole story element side of things, which is very much what I dive into really. I'll put a load out on my stories and very story based really.

It's quick, it's easy, it's getting out there. It deletes after a 24 hours and we're done with it. One day I was doing a new gas run in my friend's property and she said it was very interesting to watch what I was doing. So she said, "why don't you share what you do for your work page?"

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You can follow Todd on Instagram, his account is Glister Services.

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