7 Essential Features You Need In Your Gas Engineer Management Software

Running a gas engineering business is often chaotic and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Now, with the rise of digital advancements, all-in-one software platforms allow you to streamline your processes and operations, saving you time and resources. For example, Powered Now’s gas engineer software app has multiple features, from scheduling jobs to managing invoices, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

However, what features should you look out for when searching for the right software? Below are our 7 essentials to look for.

Estimating and Quoting

Estimating and quoting for work is one of the fundamental aspects of running a successful business. Particularly in a busy environment, being able to provide your prospects with quotes quickly can make all the difference with new business. Having a quoting feature in your management software can simplify the process using cloud-based software by connecting quoting to project management.

Managing Your Team

Want to be able to manage and chat with your team on the go? Managing your team isn’t just about time allocation and a to-do list. You need to get organised between the start and the end of a project, which can be easily done through your management software. Having this feature will ultimately keep you on top of your appointments and update your team.

Works On All Platforms

It’s not uncommon for gas engineer teams to work with multiple devices such as iPhones, Androids, desktops and even iPads. Therefore, investing in project management software that is easily accessible ensures you can get on with your day-to-day jobs without worrying about cross-devices.


No one likes admin work, but it has to be done. Some management software platforms allow you to create digital documents and electronic records such as certificates and reports. Although it seems like a minor task, having the ability to streamline admin work can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Diary and Scheduling

Having a clear diary and schedule at the tip of your fingertips can provide a real-time view of active jobs as well as staff locations. Schedule jobs faster, dispatch with ease, and quickly communicate with customers and your team. With everything in one place, you can focus on the hard work without the stress of difficult systems.

CRM System

Having a CRM system featured in your software allows you to manage projects by status, so companies with specific workflows will find it easy. Customer management features are often simple to use and deliver powerful results as customers will be able to book appointments directly.

Reports and VAT System

Keep on top of your numbers and reports. Having comprehensive reporting and VAT management options makes it easy to see trends in your business. Even if you don’t manage your own accounts, information can often be passed to your accountant or bookkeeper.

Cash Flow

Finally, look for management software that has a cash flow feature. This will allow you to maintain a positive cash flow as well as forecast future cash flow based on past transactions and historical financial or operational data within the software.
Some cash flow features also enable you to get paid faster through integration, accept card payments directly from a link in your invoice or take contactless payments with the optional card reader.

Ready To Get Started?

Now you know what to look for, don’t wait around. Get started and find the best gas engineer software app that’s right for you. 

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