10 Marketing Tools To Help Grow Your Pest Control Business

I’m sure you’re aware, as a business owner in this field, pest control is a highly competitive market. With this in mind, it is key to stand out from others, growing an extensive, loyal customer database through strategic marketing efforts. Marketing is known for improving brand awareness, creating conversions and helping customer retention. With the right marketing tools, you can showcase your business, the excellent service you provide and your credibility for results. Here are ten actionable methods of marketing you can implement to thrive amongst your industry competitors. 

Content Marketing

We live in a content-dominated world thanks to the numerous social media platforms utilised by millions across the globe. That being said, posting a random image on Instagram or a short testimonial video on your website just won’t cut it anymore. Every business, no matter the industry or size, must create and distribute attractive and engaging content across its channels, whether on its website, social media, or community pages. With a consistent stream of blog posts, email newsletters, and social media videos, you can educate audiences, reach thousands of people who weren’t aware of your services, and showcase your expertise and credibility.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website is the biggest tool in your toolbox, so ensuring it’s set up to attract leads and retain customers is essential. To do so, consider optimising your website content for search engines. Incorporating relevant keywords and search terms within your website copy, writing compelling meta tags and ensuring the on-page content provides valuable information regarding the page's contents will help Google recommend your pages to users searching for services similar to your own. Blog posts are a great source for this, too. Ensure your website is consistently maintained and updated to align with new algorithms and keywords for better visibility and boosts in traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Your industry doesn’t have one set age or gender demographic. However, you should be targeting one key group of individuals - homeowners! A fantastic way to drive almost immediate traffic to your website is with PPC ads. With these, you can target a specific demographic/group of users and target keywords, ensuring your content reaches the feeds of the right people. Implementing effective Google campaigns in your marketing efforts will help maximise your website traffic, leads, and conversions. It’s important when utilising these ads that you monitor them frequently for the best ROI.

Social Media Marketing

As we mentioned previously, a social media presence is a must in today’s digital-focused world. With platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of users with the potential to gain immense profit. Nextdoor is another fantastic platform for trade businesses to utilise. When on these sites, consider sharing content that not only promotes your services but educates and entertains, too. People don’t scroll on these platforms to be sold to; they do it for the value it offers. 

There are many trade businesses that have started using video content to entertain online, ultimately leading to greater business awareness (these could be videos of workers being pranked on-site, dancing on the job or showing the banter between your team). 

Ultimately, if it makes users laugh, they’ll remember you. While this provides the value social media users want to see, you can also post educational infographics and testimonials to balance out the fun with the more professional aspects of your business.

Email Marketing 

Sending targeted emails to potential and existing customers is a key tool in the marketing handbook. With information provided from the invaluable email lists you collect, you can send the right emails to the right customers at the right time. From exclusive offers for returning clientele to pest prevention tips and reminders, there are so many email campaigns and flows you can produce to entice sales. Another method many email marketers use is personalisation; adding this to your marketing strategy will only make content more engaging.

Customer Relationships Management (CRM)

From tracking leads and improving customer service to managing interactions and upselling, a CRM system is a must for pest control companies. It’s essential as a business that you keep a track record of past sales and service. 

With this in mind, Powered Now’s Pest Control Management Software is the perfect tool. With the ability to produce professional quotes/invoices, create polished paperwork, schedule jobs and team calendars and maintain consistent communication, our platform will be the only thing you need to make your trade business fly.

Repetition Management (Reviews)

How previous customers speak about your customer service and the experience you give them is significantly important. Positive reviews online will be detrimental to future sales - how many times have you looked at a product or service and then been swayed to a competitor because of bad reviews? Exactly! 

As a business, you should encourage customers to leave positive testimonials across platforms, including social media, Google, and your website, for potential clients to see. Not only this, but you should also make the time to respond to those reviews, not just the positive ones. Showing you acknowledge any negative feedback and using it to improve your business will help users see your commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Video Marketing

Video is undeniably a go-to in many marketing strategies. It's not only for the engagement of users but also as a brilliant way to showcase your business, demonstrate your services, and promote your credibility. These videos do not need a huge production team behind them; all you need to produce video content is a camera on the phone. Your content can be posted across your website and social media featuring ‘ how tos’ with the team, testimonials from previous customers, and treatment methods for pest control businesses, too.

Local Networking 

Relationships are essential. Local businesses and individuals are fantastic promotional tools. Word of mouth is still a valuable method for gaining new customers. You can begin to build your contacts and network at industry events, local community groups, and by befriending other business owners. Networking helps establish your name within the industry.

Tracking & Analysis

Tracking and analysis of website traffic, clicks, conversion rates and customer activity is important for future marketing and optimisation. No matter your methods of marketing, having a way to track the results of these can be detrimental. Nobody wants to invest in practices that do not deliver results. Regular reviews of your data can help you improve strategies for future success. 

In conclusion, the time to start marketing your pest control business is NOW. With these effective and reliable methods, be it social media, email, CRM, or all of the above, you can establish your name in the industry, drive conversions, and ultimately thrive as a business. What’s more, to remain ahead, stay up to date as and when marketing trends, technologies and algorithms progress. 

Get started with Powered Now and book a demo with our team today. Let us help you propel your business to success. 

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