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Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) FAQs

In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about CIS (the Construction Industry Scheme).


MTD for ITSA software explained

What is MTD for ITSA software? MTD for ITSA requires landlords and self-employed who earn more than £10,000 a year to use MTD-compatible software. 

legal essentials for small trade businesses

Legal Essentials For Small Trade Businesses

There are several types of legal essentials a small trade business owner must address and we try to cover them here as simply as possible here. 

going green

What Going Green means for trade businesses

Having a green trade business shows your company has made sustainability an integral part of its culture. What does going green mean for tradespeople?

Job sheet software

Job Sheet Templates - Free Guide for trades

Job sheet templates are key for trades. They provide business owners and workers with essential information about the job that needs to be completed.

quoting software

Why quoting software is essential for trades

Is it worth investing in Job Quoting Software? The short answer is, yes! To win the job, your customer will expect an accurate and professional...

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