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Dodging the employment law minefield

Employment law can be a pain. There is a lot of detail and traps for the unwary. This article provides some thoughts on how to make it work for...

MTD for VAT - Now the Dust has settled

The start of mandatory reporting involving MTD for VAT came in on 1st April. Benjamin Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, looks at the current state of thi

The basics of VAT in the trade industry

There are a host of challenges that electrical contractors face in running their companies. Benjamin Dyer of Powered Now looks at one of them –...

So what do customers want?

Seeing things your customer’s way is one of the keys to succeed in business. The following article suggests 6 key ways that can help you set yourself...

Getting Pricing Right 5 top tips

Competing on price is one of the easiest ways to make you poorer. That statement may seem strange so this articles will explain how 5 tips on smart...

3 top tips in understanding GDPR

GDPR seems to be on everyone’s lips and a recent business survey revealed that it’s overtaken Brexit as the top concern of businesses.

Turbo charging your business with tech

Powered Now believes that trade businesses including installers, locksmiths, glaziers and other trades all have a lot to gain from using computer...

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