Whats New in Powered Now: Appointment status and value

We've extended our status feature into the diary.

As part of our new v8.5.0 release we have a number of new and highly requested features including extending the popular statuses feature, you can now create statuses for your appointments. You can also assign an appointment a value, handy for billing.

Appointment status and value

We know how popular our project statuses are, they are useful for anyone that has a workflow, well we have extended it to appointments.

In v8.5.0 you can now create an appointment status, assign it a colour and even a value. To do this just head to the settings, choose general > diary and you can create as many statuses as you like.

When you create an appointment you will now see a new status and value box. The value is really for information at the moment, if you charge for appointments or callouts its a place to record it. 

When you choose a status for the appointment, you can also see the colour on the diary immediately, useful to quickly filter appointments.

We have some major updates coming to the Powered Now diary in v9 we are working on and plan to build on these features in the coming months.



What else is new in v8.5.0?

As well as the above changes to appointments this new release also includes some other new features including:

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