Legionella Risk Assessment & Fire Alarm Certificate (G6) now available

Just a quick heads up, we’ve released two new certificates in Powered Now:

  • Legionella Risk Assessment

  • Fire Alarm Certificate (G6)

These two additional certificates pushes the total to 18 now available in Powered Now. We are on track to deliver all major forms and certificates. If you would like to request a missing certificate please complete our poll.

To access these new Forms & Certificates please go to Settings > Forms & Certificates where you can enable or disable.

Currently available Forms and Certificates

Gas & Plumbing:

  • Gas Breakdown / Service Record

  • Gas Service / Maintenance Checklist

  • Domestic Gas Safety Record

  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate

  • Gas Testing and Purging Certificate

  • Gas Warning Advice Notice

  • General Installation / Commission and Decommission

  • Commercial Catering Inspection record


  • Electrical Danger Notice

  • Portable Appliance Testing Report (PAT)

  • Domestic Electrical Installation

  • Electrical Installation Condition Certificate

  • Lighting Completion Certificate

Other Forms:

  • Measurement Form

  • Legionella Risk Assessment

  • Fire Alarm Inspection and Servicing Certificate (G6)

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