The Magnificent 7-7 new forms & certificates now available!

Whats new in Powered Now - June 2019

We are delighted to announce a huge update to Powered Now, our latest version (7.9) comes with some fantastic new features, some improvements to old features and a bunch of bug fixes!

7 New Forms / Certificates

The measurement form is perfect for anyone that, well, measures something! It's a really quick way to capture details while you are on a job. This form can then be sent on to engineers, your customers or just filed against a project for later. You can also change what it is your measuring in the settings. Its the most versatile form we have created so far.

For Gas Engineers we have three new certificates including the Central Heating Commissioning Certificate, Gas Testing and Purging Certificate and a very handy General Installation / Commission / Decommission Certificate. Thats a lot of certificates and when you consider we already have some of the most useful ones, there is probably a cert that works for every job you are doing.

However its not just Gas Engineers that get all the love, Electricians will also be happy there are a bunch of new certs just for you. This new release includes a Electrical Danger Notice, Portable Appliance Testing Certificate (PAT) and the Lighting Completion Certificate.

Thats a lot of new certificates, however we are not stopping, we have a bunch more coming down the pipeline. If you want to help influence which cert we do next just head over to our survey and have your say.


In this release we have a major improvement to the way you can capture expenses and supplier invoices. We call it ‘quick capture’, its a way of adding a large number of individual items without the headache of going through every single step. You can also record milage and set a price, Powered Now will do the maths and automatically add the details.

We have also hugely improved the search feature within Powered Now, give it a go!

We also have a bunch of bug fixes, if you have reported something to us over the past few weeks its probably fixed.

See a quick overview below.


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