New features: v8.4.5

Whats new in version v8.4.5?

We’ve got some new reports and a new project feature that means you can now number your projects instead of naming them.

Project Numbering

This is a great new feature that allows you to auto number your projects. This means that you can use projects like a job number. It’s very useful for anyone that creates a lot of projects.

To enable it, head to settings > general settings > click projects in the top. You then scroll to the bottom and you can see the new settings.

New Reports

There are two new useful reports in the Reports section:

  • You can now export your appointments, very useful if you would like to see all of your appointments in a CSV or ICS file. You can then run your own reports or import into an external calendar to see which of your engineers is the busiest!

  • You can also export your sales and expenses quickly with a new last week and last quarter.

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