Whats new in Powered Now - January 2019

Happy New Year from Powered Now!

It’s been a long time since we updated you on the changes we've made to Powered Now, so we've decided to resurrected our product news letter to keep you updated. Its going to end up in your inbox shortly, however here it is in blog form as well!

Changes to Powered Now

Our latest version of Powered Now has some major updates a lot of you have been asking for. To learn more about these updates just hit the videos below. 

Project Status & Next Action Date



Projects can have a status and a date the next action is due. This will help when you have lots of projects, go through several project stages or work with critical dates.

Automatic Archiving



Archiving can be automated which results in faster performance. Document creation is faster with less steps.

Complex Contacts



You can now add more people and details to a single contact including separate invoice addresses and any number of sites. Perfect if you work with landlords, large companies or housing associations.

Certificates & Forms

We now have six forms and certificates in Powered Now including:

  1. Domestic Gas Safety Record

  2. Gas Warning Advice Notice

  3. Gas Breakdown / Service Record

  4. Gas Service Maintenance Checklist

  5. Minor Electrical Works

  6. Waste Consignment. 

We are adding new forms and certificates all the time, our next release includes the Electrical Domestic Installation Certificate, its a beauty.

We need to talk about tax...

...sorry, we know it sucks. You may or may not have heard about something called Making Tax Digital (MTD), well its now the law and if your business is VAT registered it involves you.

Making Tax Digital is a new HMRC requirement. However don't worry, Powered Now will support MTD for VAT which comes in from 1st April 2019. Any information which you enter into our new version can be reported directly to HMRC under MTD for VAT.

If you submit your own VAT return at the HMRC web site you will need to use Powered Now for all your returns made after 1st April 2019.

If your accountant submits your VAT return just make sure they are ready for MTD.

If you are not VAT registered don’t worry about MTD for now, the earliest impact will be over a year away and we will be here to help you.

We understand this is probably a bit confusing so we've put a whole load of useful information on our website. Just visit our MTD site to learn more.

One last thing.

I hope you've found our product update helpful. We plan on sending this out more often when we have changes we think you might find useful. Also we have a huge announcement for our subscribers coming very soon, including how you can win a major prize we know you'll love.

Keep in touch!

Ben and the team

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