How to create a professional invoice?

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What do i need to include in a professional invoice?

Plumber Invoice

Sign Up and Choose from 15 high quality invoice templates

  1. Company logo
  2. Invoice the purpose of the commercial document
  3. Invoice date
  4. Invoice number
  5. Customer details
  6. Business details
  7. Due date
  8. Notes
  9. Priced items
  10. VAT Discount or Markup CIS options Amount

Powered Now helps to create your own professional invoice in minutes. Based on our invoice templates you can create your own easily. Just fill in the template you have chosen.

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How to make your invoice in a minute with Powered Now?

It’s easy to create an invoice. This is what you have to do:

  1. Click on the “Invoice” button
  2. If you have done something for this customer before, just click on their name.
  3. If this is the first document you are sending to them, enter their details. There are lots of tricks Powered Now uses to make this quick and easy, like looking them up in your contacts list.
  4. If you raised a quote before, click on it and the invoice will be based on the quote. Click Next or add more lines.
  5. Type in a description, price and quantity. Do this as many times as you want then click Next.
  6. Look at the invoice on the screen, if it looks OK, click Confirm.
  7. Click Send to dispatch it by email and text


Powered Now has lots of flexibility around how your invoice will appear, but we try to keep it simple:

  • You just have to set up your own business name and address and whether you are VAT/Tax registered. All of the other options can be left for now but are explained below.
  • Choose from one of the 15 high quality templates
  • Customise the template with your logo and other images and industry standard accreditation


There is more you can control if you want:

  • Standard headers and footers can be set to appear on every invoice. This can be overridden on individual invoices
  • Control which fields appear on the invoice
  • You can have several groups of items each with their own headings and the tax rate can be different if required
  • There is control over how words appear e.g. bold, italic
  • You can control the format of the invoice number and set the starting number
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  • The status of invoices is automatically maintained by the system and explains whether it is paid or not
  • Invoices can be resent and edited until being locked after they have been sent to your accountant


Powered Now lets you create invoices quickly and easily, from anywhere. It all works out of the box and will look professional, but there are many more options to make your invoice look just as you want. Enjoy the process!

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Grow your business

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How to create an invoice

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