UK Boiler Companies Back New Hydrogen Pledge

To boost the shift from fossil fuels to hydrogen, the Heating and Hot Water Industry have supported the UK Goverment.

The Heating and Hotwater Council states, UK boiler manufacturers will support the government.  It is important to make 'hydrogen ready' boilers mandatory to avoid the impact of natural gas on the environment.

The majority of boilers in the UK work on national gas, which is distributed by the national grid. However, a wide range of unified research projects is also in progress to look for lower-carbon alternatives.

Hydrogen technology will play a vital role in smart heating in the future. This is because the main by-product of burning the gas is water. In addition, the project will be funded through a £250,000 which is granted by the UK government.

Stewart Clements, director of HHIC, says that consent to supply of the hydrogen-ready boilers within the UK will head EU's targets. UK boiler organisations will achieve net zero by setting the target for the remaining part of Europe to follow.

It's a great news, coupled with the fact that the UK is soon to become the Saudi Arabia of wind power.

Hydrogen town

This will let the government initiate the regulation mandating hydrogen-ready boilers.

Experiments are already entering their final phases with two homes in Low Thornley already connected to the Hydrogen grid.

The semi-detached houses in the north-east will use 100% hydrogen for both heating and cooking in appliances including boilers, hobs, cookers and fires under a new government scheme intended to offer the public a glimpse into “the potential home of the future”.

The government hopes to create entire “hydrogen neighbourhoods” and even a “hydrogen town” by the end of the decade as part of its plan to cut the carbon emissions from UK homes and become a net-zero carbon nation by 2050.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the energy minister, said the two houses “will showcase how low-carbon hydrogen can transform the way we power our homes and offer a glimpse of what the future holds as we build back greener”.

Electric technologies like low carbon heat will become the leading way to supply heat by 2050.

Furthermore, hydrogen-ready boilers are the most disruptive means of decarburising homes. This allows people to cook in the same manner how they do it presently. UK industries are putting in all their efforts; now it is up to government and industry to work together to achieve the net zero targets.

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