NEW Oil Certificates and updated Electrical & Gas Certificates available!

New Oil Certificates and updated Electrical and Gas Certificates available on iOS, Android and desktop!

We are releasing 2 more new certificates and updated 6 other certificates in Powered Now: available on iOS, Android and desktop!

Check out our next couple of new certificates in Powered Now:

  • TI/133D: Domestic Oil Storage/Spillage Risk Assessment

  • CD/10: Oil Installation Completion Report

The following certificates have been updated:

  • CP12: Gas Safety Record (Renamed from Domestic Gas Safety Record)

  • MEIC: Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate

  • HWCN: Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

  • GAS Safe Pad 3: Gas Service / Maintenance Checklist

  • DEIC: Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

  • EICR: Electrical Installation Condition Report

Powered Now has  24 Certificates available so far, with more to come! To access these new Forms & Certificates simply click on: 

> Settings > Forms & Certificates. This is where you can enable or disable each certificate for your specific use. 

Current Availability of Forms and Certificates

Gas & Plumbing Certificates:

  • Gas Breakdown / Service Record

  • Gas Service / Maintenance Checklist (GASSAFE PAD3)

  • Gas Safety Record (CP12)

  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate (GASSAFE PAD 26)

  • Gas Testing and Purging Certificate (GASSAFE PAD11)

  • Gas Warning Advice Notice (GASSAFE PAD20)

  • General Installation / Commission and Decommission (GASSAFE PAD17)

  • Commercial Catering Inspection record

  • Central Heating Powerflush Certificate (PAD28)

  • Landlord's Gas Safety Record for the Leisure Industry (PAD14)

  • Oil Firing, servicing and Commissioning (CD/11)

Electrical Certificates:

  • Electrical Danger Notice (XNN18)

  • Portable Appliance Testing Report (PAT REPORT)

  • Domestic Electrical Installation (DEIC)

  • Electrical Installation Condition Certificate (EICR)

  • Lighting Completion Certificate (ESN14)

Other Forms & Certificates:

  • Measurement Form

  • Legionella Risk Assessment (GASSAFE PAD19)

  • Fire Alarm Inspection and Servicing Certificate (G6)

  • Pest Control Inspection Report

  • Waste Consignment Note (HWCN01)

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