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NEW Oil Certificates and updated Electrical & Gas Certificates available!

New Oil Certificates and updated Electrical and Gas Certificates available on iOS, Android and desktop! We are ...

New Oil Certificates and updated Electrical and Gas Certificates available on iOS, Android and desktop!

We are releasing 2 more new certificates and updated 6 other certificates in Powered Now: available on iOS, Android and desktop!

Check out our next couple of new certificates in Powered Now:

  • TI/133D: Domestic Oil Storage/Spillage Risk Assessment

  • CD/10: Oil Installation Completion Report

The following certificates have been updated:

  • CP12: Gas Safety Record (Renamed from Domestic Gas Safety Record)

  • MEIC: Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate

  • HWCN: Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

  • GAS Safe Pad 3: Gas Service / Maintenance Checklist

  • DEIC: Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

  • EICR: Electrical Installation Condition Report


Powered Now has  24 Certificates available so far, with more to come! To access these new Forms & Certificates simply click on: 

> Settings > Forms & Certificates. This is where you can enable or disable each certificate for your specific use. 

Current Availability of Forms and Certificates

Gas & Plumbing Certificates:

  • Gas Breakdown / Service Record

  • Gas Service / Maintenance Checklist (GASSAFE PAD3)

  • Gas Safety Record (CP12)

  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate (GASSAFE PAD 26)

  • Gas Testing and Purging Certificate (GASSAFE PAD11)

  • Gas Warning Advice Notice (GASSAFE PAD20)

  • General Installation / Commission and Decommission (GASSAFE PAD17)

  • Commercial Catering Inspection record

  • Central Heating Powerflush Certificate (PAD28)

  • Landlord's Gas Safety Record for the Leisure Industry (PAD14)

  • Oil Firing, servicing and Commissioning (CD/11)

Electrical Certificates:

  • Electrical Danger Notice (XNN18)

  • Portable Appliance Testing Report (PAT REPORT)

  • Domestic Electrical Installation (DEIC)

  • Electrical Installation Condition Certificate (EICR)

  • Lighting Completion Certificate (ESN14)

Other Forms & Certificates:

  • Measurement Form

  • Legionella Risk Assessment (GASSAFE PAD19)

  • Fire Alarm Inspection and Servicing Certificate (G6)

  • Pest Control Inspection Report

  • Waste Consignment Note (HWCN01)


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