UK Customer Service Trends Becoming Mainstream

If the last year has taught us anything, life is unpredictable.

When it comes to running a business you’ve to keep a tab on ever-evolving consumer behaviours. In this situation, you cannot rely on your old knowledge, and you need fresh plans. However, before that, you’ve to understand your surroundings and the latest trends.

Here, you’ll find the latest consumer data covering buyers’ attitudes to brands and marketing, media consumption, and shopping trends. Knowing some of these can help you run your business, especially when it comes to marketing your services.

Sentiment Trends

As with all things, how your customer is feeling will hugely influence their buying behaviour. Right from the beginning of 2021, the economy is going on a long road to recovery.

Women are more likely to feel up and down than men, while men experienced no change in their feelings over the last few months. Younger people aged 18-40 are more optimistic than those aged 41-66.

Marketing Trends

People are less interested in knowing how companies are contributing towards recovery from the pandemic. Instead, they prefer hearing good news and inspiration around the pandemic.

Companies that focused onhow to stay safe during the pandemic are more popular among Brits. Nearly 18% of respondents don’t want to hear any news related to COVID-19 because this makes them feel bored. Something to remember if you are working in peoples homes, or quoting for new work!

Media Consumption Trends

Brits' social media habits are changing, with 73.3% of study respondents now spending more time on at least one such platform. Nearly 43.4% of study respondents spend more time on Facebook than anywhere else.

There's a noticeably increase in women's usage of social media sites as compared to men. Nearly 39.2% of women spend more time on Instagram versus 24.9% of men.

At Powered Now we've previously surveyed a lot of homeowners and discovered that women are much more likely to be decision makers for home improvements. So keep updating your Facebook profile, it could be invaluable for new work.

Shopping Trends

Ecommerce has seen a whopping 68.9% increase from Brits. With the virus still rumbling on, buyers are less interested in visiting shops or superstores, leading to a decline of 51.1% and 39.3%, respectively. 

Most interestingly is the huge increase in spend at home improvement and DIY stores with Toolstation reporting 41% increase in sales. This all supports the huge trend of home improvement, something that helps the UK trade industry.

Lifestyle Trends

Finally, while not particularly focused on the construction or trade industry, here are some final interesting stats:

• 25.2% embarked on a new hobby
• 25.5% began a new exercise or diet plan
• 21.8% tried a whole new brand the first time
• 21.7% began to learn a new skill
• 15.6% joined an online event
• 19% bought a subscription service
• 25.1% nothing

We hope you find these statistics helpful!

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