8 reasons to hire an apprentice this year

We are continuing our series of blogs to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week by looking at some of the benefits of hiring an apprentice.

Did you know that Apprenticeships cover more than 170 industries and according to gov.uk there are nearly 2,000 different types of job role.

If you’ve been thinking about taking on an apprentice, here is a list of the top benefits, if you think we have missed anything let us know in the comments!

1. Productivity

Ok a slightly boring, but important point. Employing an apprentice is a highly cost effective way to increase your workforce, especially with grants of up to £3,000 now available.

Gov.uk conducted a survey last year and the results are clear, 80% of businesses that employed apprentices claim to have increased their productivity. Thats fantastic!

2. Fun!

Let's start by debunking a big myth, not all apprentices are young! In fact there are more adult apprentices than ever before. However the vast majority tend to be under 25.

Adding young or hungry people to your business can add new dimension to your company, bringing with it news ideas and a fresh perspective.

3. Helps with loyalty

In the Gov.uk survey, 74% of companies said that apprentices tended to be more loyal, than non-apprentices. It's understandable, we tend to always think fondly of the company that gave us our first opportunity.

4. Positive long-term development

Taking on apprentices can help you improve the range of skills you have within your business. It also encourages you to look at the way you do things because you are passing on your knowledge and expertise.

5. Minimal cost to you

As well as a lower apprentice rate for young people, there are a large number of grants available (as mentioned in our first point above). To learn more about the currently available options you should head to https://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/

6. Always with you

As Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes, the training is ‘on the job’ – at the employers' premises, in your van, with customers. This is arranged at times to suit the employer and the apprentice, and is geared that way in order to minimise disruption and maximise business impact.

7. Tailored to your trade

Apprenticeships can be tailored to specific trades and job roles, making them flexible to the needs of your business. When we speak to some of our customers that have taken on apprentices we also hear of an added advantage, they haven’t already picked up any bad practice from elsewhere!

8. Tackle a skill shortage

Have you seen how hard it is to get a good plumber / electrician / builder recently!?

Apprenticeship schemes help employers ensure that they get exactly the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need while growing a talented and engaged workforce. Very often these skills are hard to find, so training up is a great way to do it.

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