Top 5 AR-Enabled Field Service Trends to Watch in 2021

For years, business owners have been investing in field service functions to make their services more efficient.

As the owner of field service or trade business, your primary objective is to offer customers fast, efficient, and effective repairs. But, in 2020, the whole industry took an unexpected turn due to COVID-19. Therefore, it is important to adopt the latest field service trends to  thrive business post covid-19.

One of the interesting business trends which is gaining popularity is Augmented Reality in Field Service. With AR technology, manual services such as small repair works can be done remotely by technician, without need to visit the client’s address.

Let us take a look at the five AR-enabled field services trends in 2021.

1. Contactless and Remote Service

After 2020, field service technicians and electricians are adopting contactless service solutions. Advances in augmented reality (AR) have made this possible.

According to  Customer Think, local service providers also demand contactless remote services.

2. Assist Customers at Distance

With AR, field service technicians can virtually guide their customers through maintenance and repair procedures. It means for minor repairs and service calls, an electrician and field technicians can make a virtual tour to fix the problems.

This helps in increasing sales and revenue as well. Further, in the future  smart tech will become essential for electricians and other technicians. You can also club with AI when to overcome the user error as a virtual assistant can pinpoint what needs to be done at the customer end to fix the issue.

3.Improved Data Analysis

Augmented reality with artificial intelligence can help field service providers with better service decisions through an improved customer data analysis.

It means trading companies can do more and deeper research to improve their workflow on the basis of data analysis. Further, the improved data analysis can also help to know the preferred AR locations for in-person house calls.

4. IoT-Driven Maintenance

IoT is gaining popularity day by day and is affecting every business, including field services. Smart devices and equipment are connected to the internet today.

This means the devices will allow technicians to know in advance if an piece is broken, a part needs to be repaired, or if maintenance is needed.

These IoT has driven the latest trend in field service jobs. It benefits both technicians and the company. Also, it saves a lot of time and helps improve productivity as well.

5. More Effective Training

It is assumed that AR-based training is way more effective than normal training for technicians. This means it will not make your electrician or technician a deskless worker but also improves his skills. It allows technicians to complete the job on time in a better way when they are not in the field.

Further, high-tech training results in less error and a more talented pool of technicians for field service providers.


AR can power field service in many ways. It has the potential to make the environment of field service more effective, efficient, and safer places to work. If you would like to grow in the future, then you should master AR technology today.

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