The Technician Commitment Collaboration Fund 2021

On 7th December 2020, the Technician Commitment Collaboration Fund 2021 was launched. 

It aims to ensure visibility, recognition, sustainability, and career development for technicians as well as trade workers working in research and higher education.

Basically, the Technician Commitment Collaboration fund is a small grant scheme that offers funding to Technician Commitment Signatory Institutions on a competitive basis.

What is the Criteria of Technician Commitment Fund?

  • You will need to submit the projects between 1st March 2021 and 31st December 2021.
  • Projects must explain how they are advancing the key pillars of the Technician Commitment.
  • The collaboration must be with a UK-based partner external to your organisation.
  •  Any staff member of a signatory organisation can apply to the Collaboration Fund.
  • Successful applicants, including electrical technicians, trading experts, and more, will be asked to produce a short project report.

Here are some of the ways to meet the criteria of Technical Commitment Collaboration Fund 2021:


Raising the profile as well as awareness for technical roles through your work policy.  Follow the government training schemes to build new skills and to focus on technical aspects of the work.


Technicians, electricians, and other professionals should recognised as authors or contributors in publications of journals.

Career development

Nominate the technicians to apply for a number of awards and apprentice schemes. This helps in the career development of technicians and contributes to the advancement of diversity in technology.


Continue to involve technical roles in your work policy and collaborate with other technicians for the future immigration system.

Final Words

Technician Commitment Collaboration Fund 2021 is a great way to prove your skills and to participate in research institutes. You can showcase your projects to win the competition.

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