Powered Now & ITS Prize Giveaway!

Huge Prize Draw

It’s been something of a tradition at Powered Now, we always tend to do something interesting for Black Friday. Well with 2020 being the real kick in the teeth it is, we wanted to go all out this year. So we have teamed up with our friends at ITS to do something a bit different.

We are giving away a huge amount of prizes, and you are invited to enter.

All you have to do is refer a friend to Powered Now, for each friend you refer you’ll get an entry into the prize draw, that’s it!

First Prize is a huge bundle worth over £1300 including:

  • Apple iPad

  • Makita site radio

  • Remote-controlled car

  • Remote-controlled digger

  • Remote-controlled loader

  • Socket set

  • Tool bag

  • Head torch

  • ITS mug

We also have four extra remote-controlled toys to give away to runners up. Also, if you win we will give your friend a £25 Amazon voucher, so everyone is happy.

How to enter:

  1. Click here to participate

  2. Enter your details (so we know where to send the prizes if you win)

  3. Enter your friend's details

  4. Press submit!

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